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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 14-Feb-20 06:16:38

Good Morning Everyone,
its dark but dry outside and a clear sky I can see the moon, here in Brackley.
Today, we have a meeting where I am later , also shop etc and maybe venture further if the weather remains calm.
If the forthcoming storm arrives it may change my plans even at the weekend but its a ?

Jaan12 Fri 14-Feb-20 13:37:52

Breezy day here in Fife but Sun managing to get through the clouds occasionally. Hope everyone has a good day.

Grammaretto Fri 14-Feb-20 12:42:40

Applegran what a heartwarming day you are having.

Gilly. I had a fright once when I saw a fox up by the road after dark and called my DD to see it. I had half closed the front door but on opening it to show DD, foxy was up the steps about to enter. I shut it very quickly.

Only one tooth gone and not too sore. I shall keep my mouth shut. DH has bought concert tickets for tonight.

NanKate Fri 14-Feb-20 12:41:49

Good to see you back Ruby I pmd you last year and as I didn’t hear back thought you had left us.

You are right it is a rack of lamb. 👍

Applegran Fri 14-Feb-20 12:08:43

Hello from a bright dry Somerset and special good wishes to Dragonfly and Scentia - and everyone facing illness or other difficulites. I posted yesterday that I get a card on Valentine's Day, but not a gift - and blow me down, this morning Mr Apple gave me a lovely card and a pendant I'd admired in a shop a few weeks ago! And I received a beautiful card from a stranger via the Mental Health Collective
I hope the family I sent a card to will enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying mine - sent by a caring stranger. The mental health collective do good things to bring people together - everyone, not only people with mental health issues, because we all need to connect with other people.

Ruby41 Fri 14-Feb-20 11:33:51

Enjoy your dinner, NanKate - I think it's rack of lamb that you'll be eating this evening - one of my favourites too. smile

gillybob Fri 14-Feb-20 11:00:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EllanVannin Fri 14-Feb-20 10:42:52

Good Morning All x
Rather nice first thing but has gone decidedly grey with rain not far away.

Well I must give myself a pat on the back for my shin-beef stew yesterday. It was delicious and " mushy " with the beef melting in the mouth and baby beetroots just to finish it off. Thinking I might have enough for a bowl of it today----I polished the lot off and didn't have room for any pud.

Dragonfly, my eldest D ( in Oz ) has Gilbert's syndrome and it's only if she has some sort of infection that she shows up " yellow " but apart from that she's remained well and it's not detrimental to her health. Don't worry x.
After she'd been born 59 years ago, she became very jaundiced and it kept us both in hospital for 10 days. sad

A few years ago her daughter showed Thalassaemia in a blood-test after having a couple of faints, but not sure if this is connected to the Gilbert's, though it's still the liver and possibly genetic.

Must make sure I have everything I want before tomorrow, cat food especially as I don't want to be chasing around in stormy weather.

Thoughts to those who aren't too grand and hope things improve xx

CaroleAnne Fri 14-Feb-20 10:41:08

What a lovely surprise Gillybob to be confronted by two foxes on your doorstep. Maybe they came to wish you a happy Valentines day.
Good news for you Scentia. Less for you to worry about and you can move forward.

CaroleAnne Fri 14-Feb-20 10:36:30

Good morning and a Happy Valentines day from sunny Warminster.
My husband presented me with a beautiful glass rose bowl and 12 red Roses. We are looking forward to our waitrose meal for two later.
Hope that you all have a good day whether you have plans or not.
My thoughts go out as always to those who are infirm or unwell.

Kalu Fri 14-Feb-20 10:35:24

gilly, forgot to say, we have a fox who thinks our garden is where she lives and enjoys being chased around the garden, no idea what gender but we call her Emilia (fox)😁

Megs36 Fri 14-Feb-20 10:30:25

Gilly,I wonder if foxes always keep in twos! We were having a cuppa in our little conservatory last week when a pair (Mr and Mrs?) strolled past the window and disappeared over the fence in our very tiny garden, wonder where they were going....

Taichinan Fri 14-Feb-20 10:30:23

Good morning Mick 'n All. I've been up for ages, honestly, but having a lazy start after a busy Thursday - two tai chi classes back-to-back in the morning followed by an afternoon with friends. We first met up as an art group about 22 years ago when we were quite productive with our painting. Do you remember Watercolour Challenge on TV? Well, if they ever put it on radio we'd do really well as we now talk excellent paintings! Sadly now our number is down to four and the youngest is 75. How did that happen? Anyway, think I'll pop off for my 'occasional' food shop in M&S in Dennis the Menace's home town before he starts throwing buckets of water over us! Have a good day everyone - and I'm so glad to hear your news was better than you anticipated Scentia.

vena11 Fri 14-Feb-20 10:21:23

A late Good Morning from Bristol.
Scentia that's good news.
Dragonfly what a worry for you,thinking of you.
Nothing much on the cards for me today DH is going out for lunch with some of his friends so the house is mine for a few hours.
I hope everyone has a good day.

Kalu Fri 14-Feb-20 10:21:09

Good morning from a dreich start in Glasgow.

That must have been quite alarming for you Dragonfly and had you thinking, what now?! Something you could have done without but, thankfully, it’s nothing sinister which will give you some peace of mind. Best wishes.

Aw, Baggs I know how you feel. Being unable to get on as normal plus pain, does get you down. Can you ask your GP for stronger pain relief? Hope you feel some improvement soon. 💐

A bit of reassurance for you Scentia. My brain scan showed some wrinkling to which my neurologist explained, well Kalu, with age, as you wrinkle outside, so, you wrinkle inside. We both chuckled as I told him he was no gentleman referring to a ladies wrinkles😁

A stay at home day with some footering about and trying out some paint effects on an old lamp base.

A pleasant day to all.

Newquay Fri 14-Feb-20 10:16:54

Oh Gillybobwhat on Earth were you thinking of, opening your door at 2am? Please tell us your security chain was on at least!

NanKate Fri 14-Feb-20 09:48:01

NannyJ I definitely like the sound of apricot brandy and fizz. You are a girl after my own heart.

Kitty you are seeing a hell of a lot of your butcher, but I remember you said he wasn’t anything to write home about. 😉

Auntieflo Fri 14-Feb-20 09:31:17

Good morning Michael, Annie, and all.
Heard scraping earlier, so must have been frosty windscreens.
Had my shoulder X-rayed yesterday afternoon. Luckily I was able to go to a Health Space facility that is near to us, and there is usually no trouble in parking. Bonus.
I'm hoping that the replacement bulb I ordered for our microwave arrives today, as it's not much fun when you can't see what's happening inside, to stop an overflow of porage or sauce.
Gillybob, glad to hear the foxes made you laugh, but brave to go and investigate the noise.
Nice to know your scan went well Scentia, and sorry to hear that Dragonfly has been in hospital, but nothing too serious.
I had an old bentwood chair collected last night, by a Freecycler, who was very nice. Glad it is going to a good home.
Have a good day one and all, and kind thoughts to all who are poorly.

Willynilly Fri 14-Feb-20 09:24:53

Good morning Mick et al. The sun is shining here in the East Mids....good flippin’ job as I’ve got to work in the garden today filling all the b***dy holes the b***dy puppy has dug in the flower beds!
Hope everyone has a peaceful and restful Valentine’s Day and that worries recede even if it’s for a short while.

Greyduster Fri 14-Feb-20 09:17:53

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Bright and cold in South Yorkshire today. Son in law us calling round at lunchtime to help DH with something and this afternoon I may be allowed out for a short walk in the fresh air before the weather turns nasty again. Whoopee! Kind thoughts to all with illness and worries. Have a good day folks.

QuaintIrene Fri 14-Feb-20 09:14:08

Good morning Everyone.
Chilly but fine in West Yorkshire.
Glad to hear your news Scentia things are moving along for you.
Little cat starts on some drops for her heart trouble next week.
My supermarket order had the fresh stuff missing when I unpacked it all. No butter. No crumpets. No baking potatoes. How very dare they ! Time to negotiate with Iceland before I go to war.
Love to all who are ill or troubled 💐 and love to everyone else 💐

Baggs Fri 14-Feb-20 09:12:05

I'm glad you got that fox chuckle, gillybob. Good for the soul, I daresay 🙂

Been feeling a bit sorry for myself with my broken shoulder. It's incredibly demanding of energy. And painful. Keep telling myself it could be worse.

The weather, however, could be better! Grey and dreich again today though I did manage a dry walk yesterday. I had my hiking boots on but terrified myself when my toe caught on a rock, which is exactly what caused me to fall and wreck my shoulder!!! Seems I'd trip over a blimmin' postage stamp these days!

Hey ho.

Happy Friday, everyone.

Mapleleaf Fri 14-Feb-20 09:11:52

Good morning all,

It's a beautiful, crisp, calm morning here in South Yorkshire with a touch of frost. Hard to believe it's going to change so dramatically tomorrow.

I dropped my car in for its service and MOT this morning and have just enjoyed a lovely walk back. Hope it's still lovely later when I go back to collect it!

Had a lovely surprise yesterday for today, when some beautiful flowers came through the post from DH, along with a card which I opened this morning.

So glad to hear the positive news about your scan, Scentia. You must be so relieved.

Thinking of you Grammaretto and hope it's not as bad as you fear at the dentist, I've got to have some fillings in a few weeks and can't say I'm looking forward to that, either!

Thoughts to all who are unwell or worried. Hope today brings comfort.

harrigran Fri 14-Feb-20 09:11:08

Good morning from a bright NE.
Staying in today as I am expecting a parcel.
Half term commences today, asked for information regarding childcare a week ago, still no word. We wouldn't be going anywhere in February so no problem.
Thoughts are with poorly people.

gillybob Fri 14-Feb-20 09:03:25

Good morning from a very blustery North East Coast.

At about 2am I woken by a very strange noise in the front street and went downstairs to investigate, I live in a terraced, 3 storey house and the noise was getting louder as I got closer to the front door. I opened the door and was greeted by a pair of the most enormous foxes I have ever seen just standing there staring at me . I almost felt like inviting them in . They stood there for a few minutes and then scurried off (probably back to the park which is only just a short walk away). Made me chuckle anyway.

I am so glad you got some good news yesterday Scentia I bet that was a huge weight off your mind. You can relax a bit now. And poor you dragonfly . So glad that your syndrome won’t affect your chemo. Wishing it was all over for you.

Have a good Valentines Friday everyone, hoping we all have some sunshine in our lives .

Love Gillybob xx

Alygran Fri 14-Feb-20 09:00:05

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s clear and calm so far.
Washing on and about to get ready to go and do some bits for the Charity I volunteer with.
Revamped laptop expected back this afternoon. It will have a new electronic hard drive so should load quickly and I won’t be spending forever watching the little circle going round!
Hoping the storm isn’t too bad as I am going into York tomorrow to see the Van Gough Immersive exhibition.
Good wishes to all who are not well. Glad to hear some promising news from Scentia.
Hope oe today is kind to everyone.