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To keep or not to keep bootleg and flared trousers jeans

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TrendyNannie6 Sun 16-Feb-20 13:44:02

Today decided to de clutter my wardrobe, and finding out I’ve got flared and bootleg trousers cigarette trousers, etc etc do I give to charity or do I keep just in case they all come into fashion again one day! I’m very much into my skinny leggings, jeans, I’m thinking maybe they should go as I tried the bootleg ones on and even those I thought, oh too much material at the bottom, so I’ve put them in charity bag, eaten my lunch had a cuppa and still pondering stay or goooo haha

MawB Sun 16-Feb-20 18:00:30

Ditch them and buy straight leg or skinny
Skinny - totally last year. .

Poppyred Sun 16-Feb-20 18:34:30

Bootleg are back in fashion this year! So glad....skinny jeans don’t suit me.

merlotgran Sun 16-Feb-20 18:53:16

I'm also bored with skinny jeans. I have bought three pairs of straight legs from Bon Marché in black, grey and mid blue. I think I'll go back next week for a pair of dark denim bootcuts because I noticed they have them in stock again.

I'll keep my skinnies for the garden. Really useful when you need to slip your feet in and out of wellies.

Not the ones that slide down my bottom every time I bend over though. angry

Callistemon Sun 16-Feb-20 19:00:56

I have never had a pair of skinny jeans. I think they came in when I had a broken ankle so the wider the trouser leg the better at the time.

GagaJo Sun 16-Feb-20 19:05:19

Bootlegs are making a comeback!

ExperiencedNotOld Sun 16-Feb-20 19:31:06

I’m no skinny Winnie but I did do a double take in Cherwell Services today at a very well rounded woman (good 40s) in tight tight straight jeans and a cropped jumper. She’d have looked more balanced with a bootcut, most definitely.

grannypiper Sun 16-Feb-20 20:05:29

I will never give up my bootlegs. I have half a dozen pairs of skinny jeans which i dont mind wearing now and then but the bootlegs are worn most days

annep1 Sun 16-Feb-20 21:34:01

I bought straight cords in Marks for winter, great price and washed well. I'm also still wearing thick leggings and long sweaters/tops with ankle boots. I love the style so I won't stop.

gillybob Sun 16-Feb-20 21:36:52

I’m keeping my boot cut jeans Trendynannie I just know they will come back into fashion soon .

tidyskatemum Sun 16-Feb-20 21:53:58

I couldn't care less what is in fashion. For heaven's sake, wear what suits your shape and you feel comfortable in.

Urmstongran Sun 16-Feb-20 22:20:34

Mind you, you do look a bit of a bugger in those hotpants tidyskatesmum

merlotgran Sun 16-Feb-20 23:08:44

For heaven's sake, wear what suits your shape and you feel comfortable in.

Yes but with a nod to what is in fashion.

Callistemon Sun 16-Feb-20 23:09:29

Mine's a very vague nod!

merlotgran Sun 16-Feb-20 23:16:17

So would mine be, Callistemon were it not for DGD1, the family fashionista. She has been known to drag me past Bon Marché hissing, 'Keep walking, Granny. Keep walking!' grin

She has yet to learn that when you're wearing a pair of jeans that fit well and only cost £18, nobody knows where they've come from.

merlotgran Sun 16-Feb-20 23:20:46

I remember wearing an M&S skirt to a family get together a couple of years ago. It didn't often get an outing so I was sure nobody had seen it before.

The family fashionista, however, tactfully reminded me that she'd been with me when I bought it. She was NINE. shock

All I could say was, 'Heavens, where does the time go?'

Now I would say, 'Recycling is all the rage, Daaaaahling!' grin

Callistemon Sun 16-Feb-20 23:21:05

DGD1 is only getting to the fashion conscious age.
And I don't fancy ripped jeans, I don't like my knees showing!

TrendyNannie6 Sun 16-Feb-20 23:28:13

Woah, tidyskatemum lighten up a bit. Take a chill pill. I do wear what I think suits me, some of us do like to be fashionable. Yep. I think I just might keep those bootlegs 👌

jaylucy Mon 17-Feb-20 10:50:30

I don't think that bootleg will ever go out of fashion as so many people like it - if you are on the larger side or have a big bottom ( both of which I suffer from !) it's the style for you.
However, if you are really into the skinnier styles, compromise and keep just a pair or two of the wider legged styles.

polnan Mon 17-Feb-20 10:55:05

I agree tidyskatemum, I wear what I am comfortable in.

junie1 Mon 17-Feb-20 10:57:40

Wear what makes you happy

travelsafar Mon 17-Feb-20 10:59:37

I dont do skinny anything!!!! Tried on some leggings for exercising in and felt like Max Wall, some of you will remember

CarlyD7 Mon 17-Feb-20 11:00:38

Personally, I don't care what is in fashion - skinny jeans & jeggings don't suit my figure. I've never given up my bootleg jeans and trousers (and neither have lots of people I know) although they're probably classified as "slim bootleg" according to M&S. And they're now making a comeback - for all you fashionistas who worry about these things.

LaDen Mon 17-Feb-20 11:02:18

No problems with bootleg, flares or wide legs .......... important to just wear what suits you and not to be a fashion victim.

theretheredear Mon 17-Feb-20 11:02:29

Bootlegs are still in, bought new ones at the weekend smile

Bellocchild Mon 17-Feb-20 11:08:30

In the end, it's down to storage space... Flares and bootlegs were flattering when I was 20 years younger, but now they're not. They've gone to charity.