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Favourite accents

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TrendyNannie6 Mon 17-Feb-20 20:58:44

I just love the brummie accent , I could listen to it all day, and the sexy french one

moggie57 Tue 25-Feb-20 11:25:42

sussex accents the best .

Mommawolf Sat 22-Feb-20 12:05:47

Like it NFK DUMPLING! yes my accent is norfolk coastal. A bit heavier than Norwich, Wroxham or inland. Mum's family were fishing folk from Wells. Dad north norfolk. A bit of a mix. I can still confuse the grandchildren with bishy barney bees and dwiles.

NfkDumpling Sat 22-Feb-20 07:27:31

Do you have a Norfolk accent Momma? I dorn’t. Thas all them other b****rs wot tork funny.

Greyduster Fri 21-Feb-20 20:25:54

I love a proper Suffolk burr. I had a friend with an elderly mother whose accent was an absolute joy to listen to. I was always happy to sit and listen to her chat about her life while she nursed my then baby daughter in her lap.
And I am another who likes to listen to those who hail from the North East!

Mommawolf Fri 21-Feb-20 19:19:20

I love our Norfolk accent and that so much of the old dialect still survives. What really makes me spit feathers is the way the media uses country accents. ALLWAYS the strange yokal mix that no county would recognise to show "thick" country folk. The true Norfolk accent is difficult to master and better left alone rather than insult us with the peasant rubbish shown on the screen.

NfkDumpling Fri 21-Feb-20 18:44:12

It rather depends who’s speaking it. Sean Bean, lovely.

(Geordie and Glaswegian are foreign languages though. I can’t understand a word!)

Hetty58 Fri 21-Feb-20 18:26:16

Scottish or southern Irish are my favourites.

Callistemon Fri 21-Feb-20 18:24:56

3nanny6 that is rather rude
What's your accent?

Callistemon Fri 21-Feb-20 18:24:21

That one posted, Ginster, did you do something different?

Gingster Fri 21-Feb-20 18:21:24

Why do my posts keep disappearing

ananimous Fri 21-Feb-20 14:50:55

My plummy accent is actually sometimes a drawback.

3nanny6 Fri 21-Feb-20 14:48:42

Forgot to mention the Somerset accent you know Wurzel Gummidge and all that. Do they really speak with that farmer like accent it sounds so funny.

Poppyred Fri 21-Feb-20 13:35:35

Love a South Wales accent and Cockney - hate the Brummie and Lancashire - sounds as if they are a bit slow - Sorry!

ananimous Fri 21-Feb-20 13:34:22

The best accent I have ever heard was recently in France - a waiter spoke perfect french to me with an adorable Cornish lilt.

harrigran Fri 21-Feb-20 13:17:41

I am surprised that there has been no mention of a Wearside accent.
I think people just lump us together with Geordies but the accent is not the same.

IrishGrannyAnne Fri 21-Feb-20 13:09:39

Ah begorra lads, maybe I need a Spanish fella if they love my accent. Tho I don't like my spuds! Although Irish I think I have Scottish genes, all of my kids lived there a few years ago, 3 now and grandkids. I adore Scottish accents and music...'ye
cannae shove your granny off the bus'

BlueSky Fri 21-Feb-20 10:21:25

Surprised at how many like the Irish accent! It is charming!

netflixfan Fri 21-Feb-20 10:08:49

Hear Hear! Lilypops. The older and shall we say "posher", and educated Liverpudlians sound like Sir Paul Mcartney. That horrible spitting modern accent is put on.
I like all accents, especially Stoke, impossible to imitate.

Loulelady Fri 21-Feb-20 09:15:57

- and Jamaican.

Loulelady Fri 21-Feb-20 09:13:20

Irish, French, Geordie, Italian.
Men with the above accents have a very unfair advantage!
Interestingly, Spanish friends say that they love the Irish accent too (when they speak Spanish).

Rufus2 Fri 21-Feb-20 09:00:41

Geordie and scouse
Can't understand them, so no need to pay attention to what they are trying to say! grin

Harris27 Fri 21-Feb-20 08:32:20

I have to be loyal as I am a Geordie no matter where I go as long as I hear a Geordie accent I’m home! Love an Irish accent though!

Gingster Fri 21-Feb-20 08:26:33

I love all accents apart from the Essex one. A mix of cockney and estuary. As soon as someone opens their mouth, you know they are from Essex. (I’m one of them) 😤😬

Laurensnan Fri 21-Feb-20 08:12:14

Definately Geordie for me too. Followed by Italian. 😃

Grandma2213 Fri 21-Feb-20 00:52:33

I love listening to accents but it is not as easy as saying Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Lancashire, Geordie, etc as there are quite distinct differences even within small areas. North Wales is quite different to South Wales and probably all stages between as I am not very familiar with mid Wales. If we have friends or relatives in particular areas we are more likely to be able to pinpoint the differences. I have great fun listening to actors trying to 'do' accents. I think maybe Cumbrian (any of them) is maybe one of the hardest. I grew up there and I can't do it!!