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Unusual or funny hairdresser /Beauty Salon names

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TrendyNannie6 Wed 19-Feb-20 16:13:52

We have one in our city called Scruffs a hairdressers a very successful one at that, always busy, great staff

ninathenana Wed 19-Feb-20 16:47:43

Mine is called The Beez Neez
Another local salon above a retail shop is Uppercuts I find that clever.

Marydoll Wed 19-Feb-20 16:49:33

We had one in our town called Hair-rods, with green and gold livery.

Littleannie Wed 19-Feb-20 16:54:37

There was one in Crewe called Crew Cuts.

Marydoll Wed 19-Feb-20 16:56:25

My hairdresser's is called Fringe Benefit.

Farmor15 Wed 19-Feb-20 17:09:35

Confession box!

People often confide in hairdressers🤫

Farmor15 Wed 19-Feb-20 17:10:44

That one is in Waterford, Ireland

TrendyNannie6 Wed 19-Feb-20 17:24:00

Love the bees neez ninathenana my friend said she knows of a hairdressers known as Live or Dye lol

Missadventurefalls Wed 19-Feb-20 17:26:26

Heads or nails

dragonfly46 Wed 19-Feb-20 17:30:25

The Head Gardener

TrendyNannie6 Wed 19-Feb-20 17:43:54

Love the Head Gardener lol

NanTheWiser Wed 19-Feb-20 17:46:00

Curl up and Dye, near me.

DoraMarr Wed 19-Feb-20 19:31:22

Dial-Ema. Yes, you read it right, not Dial- Emma. Perhaps whoever owns it is named Ema?

varian Wed 19-Feb-20 19:42:46

Upper cuts

paddyanne Wed 19-Feb-20 20:08:58

The Head Office ,owned by the same folk who have a pub called The Office .

Chewbacca Wed 19-Feb-20 20:16:23

We also have a salon called Head Office. The lettering is on the outside of the window and some comedian has reached up and removed the "O" and "f" and the cross on the "f". As I drove past i spotted that the sign now says Head lice". grin

Fennel Wed 19-Feb-20 21:12:16

The coiffeuse I went to in France called her salon Relooking.
She also offered advice to people on how to change their Look to something more up-to-date.
She was a very good at cutting hair, and not expensive. Compared with UK prices.

Greenfinch Wed 19-Feb-20 21:36:03

Hairy Poppins