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NanKate Thu 20-Feb-20 07:03:20

In your youth did you write to any Fan Clubs?

I wrote to Tony Hancock and got a signed photo.

I joined the ISpy Club too.

12Michael Thu 20-Feb-20 08:16:46

Yes I did in the 60`s , I joined the Monkees fan club, I went to the then HQ, in Horsefair of Bristol Street in Birmingham which was also a band agency.
I went to Wembley Empire Pool as it was to see them live with Lulu in support , in the interval between Lulu and the Monkees walked around ,and was recognised by the people who ran the fan club, I was asked to help, selling photos etc but never met the group .
My other sort of Fan Club was Motown Ad Astra .
But coming back to the Monkees when in Brum, a band called 123 was in there which later became Led Zepplin

Riverwalk Thu 20-Feb-20 08:46:15

Around 1968 I joined the Love Affair's fan club - I was so in love with gorgeous Steve Ellis.

I've just played this Youtube video - he looks 12 years old, mind you I was only around 13 at the time!

I've just played the sublime 'Everlasting Love' and 'Rainbow Valley' and now feeling impossibly nostalgic for my lost youth!

Nortsat46 Thu 20-Feb-20 09:14:48

I was in the Andy Fairweather Low fan club, when I was 11 or 12. He was the singer in the Amen Corner.

He also brought out a lovely solo song ‘Wide eyed and legless’, which I remember with affection. 🎼🎶🎶

Lovetopaint037 Thu 20-Feb-20 09:31:30

I belonged to the Judy Garland fan club in the fifties after I had seen her perform at the Dominion, Tottenham Court Road.

timetogo2016 Thu 20-Feb-20 09:39:33

I joined The Osmonds fan club when I was 12.
I used to get news letters every few months from them and I still have them.
I also have the magazines Osmonds World.
I was also in the Merrill Osmond fan club and still have all that info.
I really do need a clean out but just can`t bring myself to get rid.
Will I ever grow up ?.
And am I the only daft git to keep these things.

BlueSky Thu 20-Feb-20 09:55:34

I wrote to Gene Pitney and he replied (well his press office) with a signed photo! I was so shocked when he died suddenly during a UK Tour.

Witzend Thu 20-Feb-20 10:03:52

When I was maybe 12 (early 60s) I joined the Cliff Richard fan club. My mother found this highly amusing so I soon let it drop.
Having a major crush on Clint Eastwood at the time (Rowdy Yates in Rawhide) I dare say I’d have joined his fan club if there had been such a thing. I’d have taken him over Cliff any day!

Spangles1963 Sun 23-Feb-20 00:49:52

My best friend and I joined the Thin Lizzy fan club in 1979. OMG we worshipped that group and Phil Lynott was our idol! It cost,if I remember rightly,£2.50 a year,and on joining we each received photos,an info booklet,stickers and a couple of badges. But best of all was that we got told about upcoming tour dates before the general public were,so we were guaranteed good tickets. We first went to see them in 1980,then another 3 times (3 nights in a row) the following year,at the Hammersmith Odeon.
We're still the best of friends nearly 40 years on,and we from time to time we reminisce about our Lizzy days.

Buffybee Sun 23-Feb-20 01:10:19

My friend and I, used to regularly be in the audience of Top of the Pops when it was originally recorded in Rusholme Manchester.
We met a girl, who danced with us called Freda Kelly and ran the Beatles Fan Club in Liverpool.
She sent both of us, all the Beatles autographs on their Fan Club letter head.

downtoearth Sun 23-Feb-20 06:50:31

Riverwalk I was absolutely smitten with Steve Ellis,his pictures plastered my bedroom wall.

NanKate Sun 23-Feb-20 06:54:55

What happy memories we all have. 👍