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SalsaQueen Thu 20-Feb-20 20:48:13

Tell me about your day - however trivial, I'd be interested.

My day today -

Got up at 7, got ready (shower, hair, make-up, etc) for work.
Put the slow-cooker on (beef casserole) for later.

Had the morning at work - visited 3 of the residents (sheltered housing scheme), chatted to a few others via intercom.

Called into Co-Op, got a few things, went home. Eldest son and his girls were there (8 and 5), played a game with the youngest one, then made sandwiches for lunch.

Did a jigsaw and drawings with the 8 yr old. Took them for their dental appointment, other side o town, then afterwards went to an indoor play centre for an hour and the pub for their dinner. Took them back to their home.

Got in at 8, had my beef casserole, chatted with my husband, now going to have a bath, reply to a couple of e-mails then ring my friend.

Grannybags Thu 20-Feb-20 21:01:30

Today was the second day of a sleepover with 8 year old granddaughter. I'd told her she was allowed in to wake me after 7am and at 7.01am she appeared!

Spent the day laughing our heads off playing weird made up games. Also making craft things including a very life like and very loud trombone! Too wet and windy to go out.

Took her home at 5pm. Got home around 6pm heaved a sigh of relief and opened a bottle of wine... wink

Chewbacca Thu 20-Feb-20 21:04:11

Up at 08.00, threw dressing gown on, jumped into the car and drove to DS's house to feed his cat. Back home, quick shower, dressed and out to pick up a friend to go on a girly shopping, gossiping and lunching day. Chatted, shopped, walked, ate, drank non stop all day. Back at 18.30 and done not a jot since! grin I'll make up for it tomorrow, promise!

HettyMaud Thu 20-Feb-20 21:09:26

Spent whole day with 13-year-old GS. Watched a Harry Potter DVD. Then GS played some rap music for me to listen to - dreadful. I then played a Beatles CD for him to listen to. He hated it. Then we sorted out his old Lego sets to sell on hopefully. Very relaxing day and he actually asked ME if I would like him to get me a drink. First time ever. They grow up so fast.

M0nica Thu 20-Feb-20 22:06:02

DH is away on business. Got up at 6.30, when up and dressed I started to sort out my packing for a weekend with DGC. I then sorted out all the other things I will be taking up with me, little presents all round, various items left behind at Christmas, things I want to show them.

When downstairs, I had breakfast, sorted out incoming email, planned menus and shopping for next meal. I had intended to go to the tip on my way into town but it poured down with rain all morning, so I went straight to Waitrose to shop, I had planned to treat myself to lunch out, but that required a walk to the other end of town, only a couple of hundred yards but the rain was so heavy...... So I bought a curry in Waitrose instead.

Once I had had lunch and read the papers, I spent the rest of the afternoon making covers for some seat cushions for a set of dining chairs. DH got home about 8.30, exhausted after a day that started at 6.00am in Denmark, so had a light supper and went straight to bed. I continued with my cushion making. I am now relaxing on GN, with a hot drink and then I will go to bed and read for a while, then go to sleep ready for a long drive and full on DGC for the next few days.

Ninarosa Thu 20-Feb-20 22:11:31

Up at 7.30, threw caution to the wind and prepared a big bowl of Readibrek with blueberries and maple syrup. With luck this will keep me going until 2 ish.
Visited three lonely people in their homes : first gent talked about his recent prostate operation, which truthfully was a little too candid but I put a brave face on and listened.
Had a lively talk with second lady about her time as a homewares buyer for John Lewis, Coles as was then, in the 1960's.
Third lady needed to rant about life in general and we both laughed till we cried.
Grabbed an apple in the car, looked at the time and realised that husband would be in bed catching a few zeds in readiness for a shift on nights, this meant that I couldn't go home, leap into bed and read. Well , I could have but husband might have had other ideas for me. I decided to drive to a nearby pram store to look at pushchairs in readiness fot when D in law goes back to work and I take Gd to nursery. Most of the harness locking mechanisms were way beyond my arthritic fingers but one seemed ok ish. By this time it was snowing and hail was bouncing around the car park, as I battled with said pushchair in it's box.
Got home and threw a medley of veg in my ( brand new ) soup maker. Yes, I did read a previous thread on this and yes I was sold ! Tried blending the veg but ended up with a sort of slurry, didn't look or taste good. Chunky for me I think. Husband got up , I made him egg and cheese omelette in microwave and hightailed it to bed.
Well SalsaQueen, you did ask !

crazyH Thu 20-Feb-20 22:20:58

Got up at 8.45a.m. , brushed teeth, showered, dressed and went to our 50+ Club (started with 25 members, now 120). . Got my coffee and superb sponge made by one of the ladies. Took my place at the table, chatted , played Bingo, sold some bric a brac brought in by our members. Money goes towards coach trips etc.
Returned home - gave my neighbour a lift to the hair-dresser. Came back home - felt rather fluey, so went up to bed. Back down for something to eat and back in bed. Hope I feel better tomorrow. Hope everyone's had a good day !!

Gingster Thu 20-Feb-20 22:25:08

Up at 8 a.m and read good morning Thursday on gransnet, with a cuppa. Leisurely breakfast and walked the dog along the beach. Nearly got blown into the sea. 😬😳🌊. Back for coffee and did a bit of new jigsaw. Moved garden furniture into a more sheltered spot ( after the horse has bolted) . Our garden looks over the beach so is very open to all weathers. Cooked a gammon joint for evening dinner and had it with egg and chips. Another shorter dog walk in between torrential rain downpours. Lit the log burner and snuggled down with a book and glass of port. Simple pleasures. 👍

Mapleleaf Thu 20-Feb-20 22:40:55

Got up at 8 am. Showered, etc and got ready for my Pilates class. Came onto GN to look at and post on the GM thread before setting off for Pilates. That hour is the fastest hour of the day! 😁
When I got back, had a coffee and read my book for a while and then after lunch decided to make some marmalade using ready prepped oranges which saves a lot of peeling and cutting. Once it had cooled, I labelled the jars and stowed them in the fridge.
After that I had a lazy evening, watching tv, and am now retiring to bed with my book. Goodnight, all. 🙂
So, not an overly exciting day, but I enjoyed it!

BradfordLass73 Thu 20-Feb-20 23:17:32

Rose at first light to the deafening sound of cicada which I suspect had been scritching all night.

Showered, made coffee, came to see if I had email.

Was picked up at 8:30 to go to our elders group AGM.
Lively discussions about past Christmas party venue (shsould we go to the same place?) and entertainment posibilities in 2020.

Short talk from a young woman putting together 'Pitch-it-local' project which will entail using all local artisans and workpeople.
Beautiful catered lunch includign smoked eel what a luxury.

Came home, changed into my lavalava as the temps were way beyond 33° - did a bit of research online and then lay on my bed, limp and perspiring freely and listened to an Oscar Wilde story.

Picked up again at 4:30 for yet another AGM, this time to celebrate all the amazing successes of the welfare organisation to which I am allied.

It has gone from deficit to a $54m profit in a few years thanks to wise leadership and is now building social housing as well as offering a full range of welfare and social support for a variety of problems. Felt quite proud.

Once again a delicious catered dinner which meant that apart from my morning coffee, I didn't eat at home all day. I even brought some food home which will last until the weekend.

Was told a Kiwi friend now living in Atlanta has just landed in Aotearoa so he may visit at the weekend. Looking forward to that, he's a nice guy, ex-police.

Ended the day by assembling a box of fruit, veg and some tinned & packet goods for the Burmese refugee family up the road.

I wish it would rain, we've had sunshine, very hot sunshine for well over a month now and we are being given warnings about the dangers of bush fires similar to those is Australia.

As I live with the bush literally touching my windows, this is not a happy prospect.

Riverwalk Thu 20-Feb-20 23:46:58

This morning went to the cinema with DGS(14) to see 'Dolittle' - the heavens opened on the 10-minute walk home and we got soaked. It was also very windy and my (cheap) umbrella blew inside out and broke - the rain was blowing horizontally and my hair, carefully blow-dried that morning, was dripping and my right ear water-logged!

Got home changed clothes and had lunch.

Early evening out with DGS for pre-theatre supper at Cote in Covent Garden then went to see 'The play that goes wrong' - very funny. Mercifully no rain!

Home around 22.20, DGS had lunch leftovers and a handful of Jaffa cakes. He's now in bed, I'm knackered and having a cup of tea whilst I wait for the dishwasher to finish before I go to bed.

More of this tomorrow!

Madammim1 Fri 21-Feb-20 00:45:32

I woke up at 6:10 as the oh went to work rolled over and nodded back off until 8:00 when the alarm went off then finally got out of bed at 9:15 in time for my taxi to work at 9:45 , after work I met my dd who dragged me to the pub where we met with some of her friends until I got home at 5:50 .The oh had plans when I got back so when I emerged from the bedroom at 7:30 ish I decided it was takeaway for tea finally retired to bed at 9:30 but been up and down unable to sleep so came in here
Sorry you did ask

ginny Fri 21-Feb-20 01:26:14

Up at 7. Coach to The Summer Palace . Beautiful gardens and buildings. Lunch at floating restaurant on the River Kwai. Afternoon by the pool . Dinner at outside restaurant by the river.

Just a normal day smile

Katyj Fri 21-Feb-20 07:07:08

Got up at 6.30 DH up before me so my coffee all ready, lovely. Sat watching tv and checking Gransnet emails etc, 2 hours passed like 5 mins. Changed mums phone provider, took a call from her physiotherapist to say he’s still waiting results of her X-ray, before he can begin her next course, it’s 4 weeks now, ridiculous, she’s not going to be happy .Next, had a call from the hospital to say my medication is unavailable at the moment and I need to pick up a new prescription from the hospital 10 miles away ! Oh joy, Good job it’s the same day as I’m visiting the dentist 5 miles away in the same direction,set of at 11.30pick prescription up, back to dentist to find she’s running an hour late, after discussions it’s decided that I need my tooth taking out, ouch ! DH wondering what’s going on by this time, picks me up, finally home by 3 pm flop on the sofa Dh makes me soup for tea, feeling jaded and sore by 8pm take myself off to bed with painkillers. Had a bad night, don’t know why, mouth feels fine this morning. Today dil visiting to plan ds 40th birthday party, taking mum shopping and cleaning to do. Roll on Saturday.

Auntieflo Fri 21-Feb-20 08:37:21

Is this a revival of a very similar thread we had a couple of months ago?

BradfordLass73 Sat 22-Feb-20 05:53:30

A lazy day for me.

Up late at 7:30 and got some laundry into the machine before making coffee. By the time I'd drunk it, the sun had gone and it was raining, which it's continued to do, on and off, all day.

I put the laundry out anyway; this is still summer and we'll definitely have a lot more sunshine, so it can hang there until it dries. smile

Cooked a leg of lamb for guests arriving tomorrow (I hope) and made spaghetti with a tomato, basil, capsicum and onion sauce, which I ate for tea.

Listened to 'The Husband Hunters' about the women who came to the UK: "Cash for Coronets" to marry into the aristocracy (all very Downton Abbey!)

Then listened to the 2nd part of 'The Archers Omnibus'.

I'm missing my Google Assistant which decided to spit the dummy, so my son's taken it back for a replacement.

Spent far too long online looking for new bedding, and reading posts here - so my eyes are giving me grief now.

I never learn sad

SalsaQueen Sat 22-Feb-20 09:24:43

AuntieFlo yes, there was a thread like this a while ago (don't know who started it), but I thought it was interesting to see how we all have different days.

Grannybags I had to laugh about your Granddaughter waking you at 1 minute past 7 grin

HettyMaud He doesn't like the Beatles? The kids of today eh smile

Ninarosa I bet those elderly people were glad to chat with you, although I agree that some like to be too descriptive about their ailments. I have the same, where I work grin

Keep them coming!

SalsaQueen Sat 22-Feb-20 09:28:25

My day yesterday (Friday)....the usual thing of getting ready, doing hair and face, etc. Went to work, had long chats with 4 of the residents.

Went straight to a place where I've had the offer of an afternoon job, 17 miles away - got quite lost, so went home and decided I won't accept the job offer grin

Did washing, ironing, vacuuming, online grocery shopping, made dinner, then got ready and went with my husband and eldest son to a pub we like, watched a very good group play, got home at 12.15