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Good Evening Friday

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Rufus2 Fri 21-Feb-20 12:47:02

Well!! TWTWTW, Glad to be back from hosp. well, sort of !
Apart from 3 square meals a day, unlimited coffee/tea/biscuits and a bevy of young, lovely nurses hailing from all Asian countries in the neighbourhood, what is there to miss?
I was carted off in an ambulance by 2 charming young lady paramedics who turned up very promptly with a mountain of electronic devices after I'd had a severe case of BPPV in the shower. My carer said I looked like something the cat had dragged in and promptly called the ambulance. No question of searching the internet for anyone with similar symptoms; as soon as I left, the carer also had to leave the house for obvious reasons, so the Air/Con. and a ceiling fan were left running all week. No2 Son was in Tassie!
An outside clothes airer would have had many more washings, given our miserable weather. sad
Anyway, out of all that I received a brain scan (don't laugh), a bladder scan which made the doc think I was suffering bladder retention , (so he shoved in a catheter,)! and a chest
X-Ray. All OK, so moved to hospital No.2 arriving at 11.30pm! Amazed to find later that 30 minutes cost my insurance co. $948.00, the day rate. All depends on where your bum is on the day, so the accounts lady explained. Discharge day will be a freebie as my bum won't be there at midnight! grin
Our miserable weather continues! the rain was very welcome of course, not only for putting out the many fires, but also filling up farm dams which had practically emptied because of the prolonged drought, but a bit of sunshine now and again would help lift the spirits. Talking of which, I learned during my scans that caffeine is a very good liver detoxifier; so there you go; one Shiraz, one coffee,one Shiraz, one coffee; one Zzzzzzzzzz!

GrannyGravy13 Fri 21-Feb-20 12:59:10

Good avo Rufus, you have been missed grin

Pleased to hear you are on the mend.

Oopsadaisy3 Fri 21-Feb-20 12:59:30

Poor you! I know exactly how you feel Rufus, I too have BPPV, I’ve had 4 episodes in the past 2 years, it’s horrid, husband can do the Epley manoeuvre now so at least when he is on hand I can get myself back together again.
But it takes me weeks to recover and each time I am left with less balance, my brain has to relearn where the walls and doors are.
So pleased that you are back home and being looked after.
Wet, windy and horrid here, plus awful flooding in parts of the U.K.
Take care

Megs36 Fri 21-Feb-20 12:59:31

Pleased to see you back Rufus, sounds like you’ve has a fun time 🤭🤭🤭Hope all’s well, you’ll be gratified to see you’ve been missed!!!
Lots of rain here too , where does it all come from....
Take care, rather expensive wing ill, I guess insurance is essential in OZ?? Thank heavens for NHS, we’ve really had our moneys worth over the last few years, just realised this is the first year since 2014 we haven’t had a spread sheet for appointments!

mary51 Fri 21-Feb-20 13:03:24

Good to see you back. You sound well cared for out there. Have missed your posts. You
always bring a smile.

Regards from south Wales.

Squiffy Fri 21-Feb-20 13:25:47

Hopefully, that's the last of your hospital adventures for quite a while, Rufus, it doesn't sound as though it was much fun! That's interesting about the caffeine - I love coffee grin

BlueSky Fri 21-Feb-20 13:30:19

Good to see you back Rufus missed your cheerful posts from Down Under! wine

Urmstongran Fri 21-Feb-20 13:37:14

Glad you are safely back at home Rufus it must have been quite a scary adventure. Take care. x

farview Fri 21-Feb-20 13:45:34

Have missed reading your Brilliant posts...felt worried about you...glad all is now well..take care....

Mapleleaf Fri 21-Feb-20 14:36:25

Good to see you back, Rufus.

fatgran57 Fri 21-Feb-20 23:11:57

Glad you are back on deck Rufus Was about to read the obituaries to see if you had fallen off the perch but realised that it would be difficult to look up Rufus or Alan age 90 plus in Victoria grin.

My husband is currently suffering the same nasty condition and I have had bouts also, not pleasant at all but nothing much can be done about it.

We drink coffee but not red wine so may take us longer to feel better!

Take things slowly and hope some nice weather will come your way - lovely day here in Tassie, your son will have had good weather during his holiday.

Very best wishes to you.