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Good Evening Saturday

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Rufus2 Sat 22-Feb-20 12:43:22

Here we are again, happy as can be! smile
Thank you all very much for your nice messages of welcome back! They make things seem that much more cheerful.
I've spent some time following up certain messages that warranted individual replies, plus keeping my eyes peeled for chances to make jocular observations. (that's jokes hmm)
My word! you've had a bit of rain in places, but I won't go on about our beautiful weather today; I was told off once for doing that; I think she called it "Schadenfreude", something like that!
Back to my CT procedure! The doc. said the film or plate indicated a touch of liver cirrhosis, called for a an ultrasound to check and said "Yep!" only tiny, but then proceeded to the regulation lecture on the evils of alcohol. I said (truthfully) that I only had 2 glasses of red every evening after dinner; he said "cut down", so I said "at my age I'm past caring how many I have, doc."!
Then I heard that caffeine is a great liver detoxifier! so my spirits lifted again!
My tussle with BPPV has revealed a few more "cases" amongst GN members. Something I've never heard of; Oopsadaisy your situation sounds much worse than mine. I"ve not followed up on that technique you mentioned; hoping it lessens the symptoms if not a cure. My stuff says "Episodes of BPPV can last for a few seconds, a few days, a few weeks or a few months." Crikey!
Have you had any episodes in dangerous situations? Even in the shower seemed bad enough. sad
Despite what you think, I don't mind going into hospital; depends what it's for of course! hmm
One new item of equipment was introduced to my "person"; a small hand-held ultrasound scanner, no bigger than my TV remote was used to measure the contents of my bladder! shock Sort of like the "glass half full =optimist; glass half empty = pessimist" Only more intimate! Fortunately carried out by a pretty nurse! grin
Who says hospitals are boring?
Only when they specify an overnight starvation diet prior to a procedure then don't turn up until the following lunchtime; no breakfast with "nothing by mouth " written on my headboard.
Unlike a previous occasion when "Nil Orally" was written up and through the post-op anaesthetic haze I read it as "Neil O'Reilly" thinking "this is the wrong bed!" sad
Oh well! bored you stiff with ramblings again.

heavensjoys Sat 22-Feb-20 12:51:20

You have given me laugh, Neil oops sorry, meant Rufus. Keep up your very tongue in cheek humour. Marvellous! Please keep well, take the Doctor’s advice, you are only a youngster, after all. All the best.