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Anniebach Thu 27-Feb-20 12:58:27

I whinged on the Good Morning thread this morning ,received kind words.

1. GP arranging for a physiotherapist to call. I had a physiotherapist call several times last November and December. She would text before her visit, ‘please open a
window and the back door’. No my house doesn’t pong,she
dislikes central heating, sat with her coat on every time she
called. Her last visit we discussed me using the hand rail on
the garden path, I explained I could hold the rail with my right
hand but not with my left when turning to come back to the
house, I was fearful of falling on the path, her reply ? It will
Be alright someone will look through those windows, bedroom windows about 200 yards away !

2. 12 bungalows were flooded , I was fortunate not mine, council
surveyor will be visiting the flooded bungalows re flood damage, so might as well check mine !

3. New windows, I refused to have them fitted last December, who wants windows in a bungalow taken out in December.
Phone call - you are not cooperating , we know it can be cold in March, could you leave the bungalow for the day ?
Go where?

4. To have a social services assessment, won’t bore you with
the assessment I had just over a year ago.

5. Refuge collectors keep missing my recycling boxes because I
am in the end bungalow. When they do remember to collect they leave the boxes at the end of the garden path, the postman brings them back for me. I am registered for disabled
assistance to collect and return boxes to agreed place.
I phone them this morning and said ‘I have no choice but to
fly tip on my front lawn, you will see the cardboard boxes from your lorry.

This was all in one day .

Susan56 Thu 27-Feb-20 13:06:17

Oh Annie no wonder you feel fed up.Dealing with any one of these issues would have been enough for one day let alone all of them.Would Age uk be able to advocate on your behalf with these people if a family member is unable to.I am not saying you aren’t capable of dealing with them but it is exhausting to be battling the council continually.
I hope today is more peaceful for you💐

Luckygirl Thu 27-Feb-20 13:09:19

Your physiotherapist sounds seriously nuts - during my professional career I visited hundreds of homes and just had to get on with anything that did not suit me - I was not there for my benefit!!

lavenderzen Thu 27-Feb-20 13:22:04

Oh Annie that is so much in one day. We do need our peace of mind when we are in pain and not feeling well. We need a sense of equilibrium.

Your physio sounds without any commonsense or any understanding. Unfortunately, this is quite often the case, although its no help whatsoever.

I know what you would say to me Annie very well, lets break this down into "chunks" that can be dealt with one thing at a time.

Keep going forward Annie, keep on keeping on and don't forget our poem, you can get there.

Sending you strength and good wishes flowers xxx

gillybob Thu 27-Feb-20 13:22:48

Oh Annie that's an awful lot of cr*p for anyone to put up with in one day !

1) It is not your problem that the physiotherapist dislikes central heating ! and how the hell can she do her job wearing her coat ? I mean fair enough put it on to go outside but not indoors. Could you request a different physiotherapist?

2) Probably just a futureproofing exercise ?

3) Do you know how long it would take to do the windows? Are you talking all done in a day, or stretched over several days? Would it be possible for you to move into one room while they do the rest of the house and then move into another room once its done? Having new windows will really benefit you in the long term . Would they wait until the warmer months to do it?

I think maybe if all these items were dealt with individually it wouldn't seem so bad but its so hard when everything lands in your lap at once.

Do take care Annie xx

4) Is there no-one at all who could be with your for the SS assessment ?

5) We have a similar problem with our rubbish . The way the houses are situated my bin storage is in the corner and there are parking bays in front. My bin often gets missed. Drastic times call for drastic measures ! Good for you.

gillybob Thu 27-Feb-20 13:27:23

Apologies for errors confused

dragonfly46 Thu 27-Feb-20 13:30:55

Oh Annie you have my sympathy. No wonder you are feeling overwhelmed.
When that happens to me, as it is doing at the moment I concentrate on one thing at a time. I prioritise and concentrate on the most immediate thing first and try to put the rest out of my mind.
This is probably no help but know I am thinking of you x

3nanny6 Thu 27-Feb-20 13:33:06

Anniebach sorry to hear about your physiotherapist she has got a cheek telling you to do that. Before I retired due to ill health I worked in nursing home and had to bath and shower ladies in morning even in the summer when it was warm they always wanted the heater on in the bathroom, by the time I had completed three showers I was dripping with sweat from the heat in those bathrooms. Also had a job doing visits to house for elderly and sometimes those commodes smelt a bit but I would never tell anyone get the windows open particularly in winter.
Hope you get your problems sorted out and more help becomes available.

SalsaQueen Thu 27-Feb-20 13:36:54

Anniebach How awful for you, to have to contend with so many "Jobsworth" types all at once, when you've got problems with your health to manage too.

What the hell is wrong with these people - changing the windows in winter?! The Physiotherapist sounds a right chump. The same with the binmen.

Unfortunately, dealing with Social Services never seems to be easy - I used to work in the care sector and saw how incompetent/busy/incapable (delete as required) they can be.

I'm sorry you're having all this trouble. Take care. x flowers

SalsaQueen Thu 27-Feb-20 13:40:42

One of the residents where I work (sheltered housing) is bedridden, got MS plus other problems, aged 58. Social Worker arranged for a new care agency to go to her - the agency boss asked the lady if she minds black or Asian carers going to her. No, of course not, she said. He then asked "Do you know any Urdu? The carers aren't fluent in English"
What the hell?!

EllanVannin Thu 27-Feb-20 14:01:20

It's disgusting the way some people are treated, especially the elderly, still.
I was going to use your turn of phrase, SalsaQueen- " Jobsworth ", they get on my wick and not everyone can stand up to them except me

You've had a terrible experience Annie and pretty upsetting and unnerving for you.
Windows can be done with you remaining in the property, it's more the inconvenience dust and noise than anything else and can be done in a day so don't be worrying about having to move out.

I had central heating fitted last September and chose to stay where I was. A bit of noise and mess but the chaps had dust covers and cleaned up after them----even though I was more than capable.

Have a rest and a cuppa x

Grandmafrench Thu 27-Feb-20 14:04:13

You're certainly not "whinging" Anniebach. If you have yet managed to find 5 minutes to step aside from this madness, you might see that today you are starring in a new episode of Fawlty Towers. Yep, it's moved from Torquay to Wales!
The people you are dealing with are clearly mad, as experienced people commenting on here have pointed out, and it seems to be your turn (again) to try to sort out other people's jobs. If I were you (actually not strictly true because I would have to give that so-called Physio a slap!) I'd definitely tell the surgery that she's not to contact you any more. You want someone who is there for you and doesn't want your home environment changed before she can perform any sensible function. It's about you and not about her. If you fall in the garden, well.... clearly silly old you - and us - have missed the point that, yes, you might (eventually) be spotted by someone passing or looking out of their windows. Who knows? That might happen even before hypothermia or worse sets in. The fact that you have no interest in falling. At.All. has been rather overlooked. Your windows need to be done when you feel that the weather will allow you not to feel you might be living in a war zone and you also need a clear estimate as to how long the work will take if you are to make alternative arrangements. Think you are still winning though - loved your last sentence in reference to the bin men. Hope they do too. Keep smiling and stay strong. Hugs from la belle France.

3dognight Thu 27-Feb-20 14:56:03

I wouldn't call it whinging, just getting it off your chest, and I do hope tomorrow is a better day.

Anniebach Thu 27-Feb-20 17:41:27

Thank you all i curled up and slept this afternoon, tired after
a restless night.

I telephoned the surgery and asked the physiotherapist I saw
last winter didn’t visit me , explained why , the GP said if she
had been given the same advice she wouldn’t have ventured out !

The big problem with the new windows is I have to take down
curtains and blinds and move any furniture way from the
windows, I cannot physically do that, no family living here so
will have to pay someone. Hey ho.

As for the surveyor, the 12 bungalows which flooded are built
.into a bank , the 6 not flooded were not.

Unsure about an advocate, when I applied to move to this part of town to be near my darling daughter I had support from an advocate, she was so nice but must have upset the
housing officer, someone in the officer told me ‘you haven’t
done yourself any favours with the advocate she has upset
X X, the housing officer.

Blackmail works, a gentleman who lives in the Cul de Sac
telephoned me and said ‘what’s so special about your recycling that you get your own lorry’ , yes whilst I was sleeping a large refuge lorry came into the Cul de Sac for my
two recycling bins , much to the amusement of the gentleman who phoned.

Some on this thread will know my passion for poetry, I
opened my ‘Poetry Pharmacy’ at random and ? ? ? ?

Kipling’s IF, 😀

Thank you all x

cornergran Thu 27-Feb-20 17:46:14

Oh goodness annie. There’s more aggro in your list than is reasonable for anyone. No wonder you’re tired of it all. Tackle it one item at a time, beginning with that very odd sounding physio who seems to have no thought for your safety I hope tomorrow feels a brighter day, sending love and a hug.

3dognight Thu 27-Feb-20 17:50:51

I do hope 'If' lifted your mood, and gave you the resolve to keep your spirits up. Perfect poem to read in adversity!

lemongrove Thu 27-Feb-20 19:02:59

Sounds as if you are sorting things out Annie 🍀
Some days are like that, aggro coming from all directions!
A poem and a glass of vino is the
Onwards and upwards.

Callistemon Thu 27-Feb-20 20:06:42

The physiotherapist shouldn't be doing home visits - can you request someone else? Tell them you can't afford to reheat your home after she has been.

As for the other things, how often have I grumbled that 'so many people just don't seem to do their jobs properly these days!'

If they insist on new windows perhaps they should send someone to remove your curtains and blinds? Surely they must realise that that everyone is able to do this.

Chin up


Callistemon Thu 27-Feb-20 20:07:26

Not everyone

(Some people can't type properly!!)