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Anyone else use udder cream?

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b1zzle Sat 29-Feb-20 10:31:18

As a face cream? Check. Foot cream? Check. General body moisturiser? Check.


Who knew?

(Or is this a secret I should have kept to myself?)

grannysue05 Sat 29-Feb-20 10:33:34

bizzle is this usually used for

Grammaretto Sat 29-Feb-20 10:40:38

Yes we were recommended it a few years ago. We use it all the time. It was after I had been waxing lyrical about Wondergel. This is for bruises, insect bites . It is sold to be used only for horses.

Our local chemist sells udder cream now though you still have to go the the outdoor shop to buy wondergel.
Wondergel is a powerful natural skin gel for horses. It is a truly unique product to assist the natural healing process. Ingredients include comfrey, a source of Allantoin said to encourage the growth of new tissue, Calendula, for a natural source of Phenols, Tea Tree Oil from Australia which has been used for centuries for its anti-bacterial, antifungal and insect repellent properties, Rosemary Oil to help maintain hair growth and moisturising Aloe Vera. Penetrates deeply and is non irritant.

SueDonim Sat 29-Feb-20 13:58:23

Not nowadays but my dh used to use it when he worked offshore. It was the only thing that could deal with the weather conditions in the North Sea.

shysal Sat 29-Feb-20 15:03:13

I have a little tin of Bag Balm, which is wonderful for for the chapped splits that I sometimes get on my hands.

JuliaM Sat 29-Feb-20 15:44:35

My daughter was recommended to use udder cream by her oncology nurse whilst she was receiving chemotherapy for Breast cancer, it did help a lot with her dry sore skin on her hands a feet.

JMarion Sat 29-Feb-20 15:52:42

I first got bagbalm in Canada 30 years ago but couldnt persuade English friends to try it. They thought I was mad. I am glad it has finally arrived here. Its b rilliant on sore skin

Taichinan Sat 29-Feb-20 16:03:53

What a blast from the past! After the war my father got a job selling agricultural pharmaceuticals and I remember my mother using something called udder cerate to prevent the open hacks she used to get on the ends of her fingers. I have absolutely no idea why I remember that as I was only five at the time but this post just triggered the memory! I didn't know you could still get it.

Mommawolf Sat 29-Feb-20 19:36:45

Back in the day when my grandad had heavy horses on the farm he would use a natural mix of herbs and plant oils to ease their stiffness and cold muscles. It came in large jars labeled Horse oil. If we twisted an ankle or pulled a muscle we would rub this into our skin it would heat up and sooth wonderfully. My grandma's cure for a cold was a small glass of whisky made with hot water and a spoonful of sugar. A thick jumper and extra blanket on the bed to sweat it you spent the night on fire but it worked. Wouldn't recommend it now, in those days people were not on the medication we take now to react with the alcohol.

MissAdventure Sat 29-Feb-20 20:13:55

We used to have horse oil on aches, pains, and sprains.

I loved the smell.

Kalu Sat 29-Feb-20 20:32:02

I have been using Papaw ointment for years now. An Australian product which is available in the UK now.

So useful for many skin ailments: Dry skin, cuts and bruises, burns, insect bites amongst some it works very well for.

I love the smell of Horse Oil and Wondergel. Evokes so many happy memories.

Chewbacca Sat 29-Feb-20 21:33:08

It's got hundreds of 5* reviews on A****n and, at less than £10 a pot, it's got to be worth a try!

Marelli Sat 29-Feb-20 22:49:15

When my first baby had nappy rash, my mother got some udder cream for her from the dairyman on the farm where they lived. I remember it certainly soothed the baby's skin.

SueDonim Sat 29-Feb-20 23:01:56

It works like no udder! grin

Sorry, I’ll get me coat.

BlueSapphire Sat 29-Feb-20 23:31:00

Recommended and given to DH by the hospital when he was on powerful cancer drugs.

LullyDully Sun 01-Mar-20 08:39:37

Do they sell it in Waitrose?

travelsafar Sun 01-Mar-20 08:45:11

SueDonim smile