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Good Evening Saturday

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Rufus2 Sat 29-Feb-20 12:43:54

My cup runneth over so much I've had to switch to a mug because "Real Madrid 1 Man. City 2. Marvellous! grin
I've just finished watching the TV recording knowing the result and so relished anticipating the end result. Surely City now have a huge advantage going into the return leg.!?

I've been so busy today, what with one thing and another that I haven't had time to follow up your Jo Joyner refs., but maybe that nurses prog. is available on YouTube. Sounds interesting, especially if they tell jokes like the Viagra one told to me by the night nurse during her 3a.m. visit last time I was laid up. shock
Are you trying to frighten me with Leap Year threats? This proposal thing only applies to Leap DAY and so far I've (unsurprisingly) had none! smile
However if any approach sounding their burrs I'll flee! I've no wish to be forced to wear a kilt 24/7, especially as we are almost into Autumn.! and I haven't the slightest idea what to wear under one! hmm
Just got off the phone after 50 mins. with Michelle (Bournemouth!) and they're OK after their holiday in Thailand. She said that "Beales" is, or soon will be, no more. That's another long-established business gone! Same thing is happening here. Inevitable I suppose, but sad all the same.sad
Why oh why has this flu been allowed to dominate the scare-mongering media? I'm more concerned by Ebola!
Businesses are getting into strife, especially here because we rely heavily on China, especially the education sector.Get that nobody will be allowed to go anywhere soon.
Come on Rufus; Cheer up! Tell a joke! wink

A 20-something blonde (has to be a blonde for effect!) marries an 85 year old OAP
Now every time she goes to bed, she feels old age creeping on!

They say laughter is the best medicine; no idea what the second best is!

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 29-Feb-20 13:34:56

Normally I’d say it would be your second joke, Rufus, but I suspect that a second joke would be worse than the first one.
However, we went out today to get the food shop, plenty on the shelves, methinks that the U.K. press is winding us all up, every shelf well stocked, so we shall eat!
Sorry that your Leap Year was uneventful, maybe in 4 years time? Meanwhile I hope you enjoyed your ‘extra ‘ day. We have another storm on its way, for a change..........
You should try and watch a 4 parter TV show called Flesh and Blood, a whodunnit, I think you would enjoy it.
Have a good Saturday

Rufus2 Sat 29-Feb-20 14:04:45

Sorry that your Leap Year was uneventful, maybe in 4 years time?
Was on my way to Noddyland, but had to stop and re-assure you I'm not sorry and it's only Leap Day that counts!
Also thanks for your optimism, but I'll be 96½ (don't forget the ½, they're becoming even more important!) ,by then and less desirable! sad
I guess you won't want to risk joke No.3 !? wink
OoRoo again.

rafichagran Sat 29-Feb-20 15:03:25

Good Evening Rufus

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 29-Feb-20 20:51:07

Joke no. 3 ........nope, but thanks for the offer.

Night night

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 29-Feb-20 20:53:50

As for 96 and 6 months not being desirable, it depends how rich you are!

As the interviewer said to the stunning 25 yr old, ‘ what attracted you to this 85 year old billionaire with a heart condition ?

Byeeeeee again

Rufus2 Mon 02-Mar-20 10:12:18

it depends how rich you are!
If that's a proposal you're a day too late! Leap Day is over and in any case I'm skint! sad

Oopsadaisy3 Mon 02-Mar-20 16:04:56

Oh well

Another dream dashed...

Rufus2 Tue 03-Mar-20 07:47:39

it depends how rich you are!
As I've said, I'm skint, which probably explains why I've not been able to be reported for flirting lately. sad
I must be losing my grip as well as my sex appeal! hmm

Oopsadaisy3 Tue 03-Mar-20 14:47:23

Never mind , at least you still have your sense of humour.......

fatgran57 Wed 04-Mar-20 01:09:37

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Marydoll Wed 04-Mar-20 08:32:58

Why do you have this desire to keep stirring things, Fatgran?

It is certainly not amusing and is directed at a particular poster, so verging on bullying!

Megs36 Wed 04-Mar-20 09:51:23


Rufus2 Wed 04-Mar-20 11:03:28

Message deleted by Gransnet
Fatgran Well, that was a nice welcome! grin
Let me say, "Welcome back "Buddy"; its good to see you again I thought you'd been hounded out Hope you've kept well inspite of what Tassie has been through and having your share of rain. We are forecast to have "lots" of rain and it's just started this evening; , good steady stuff, likely to soak in and not flash flood..
I don't think Lent will make any difference; I've had one post deleted this evening; can't remember what it was, not sacrilegious anyway! (had a job spelling thathmm) and not important. Contrary to what you said about Lent, I knew I wouldn't be immune from attack because true penance is about giving up things that you really, really like, not dislike!
If I was into that sort of thing I'd have to give up Shiraz! sad
No2 Son and DIL enjoyed their holiday in Tas. Had good weather too! They took their car across on ferry; didn't hear what the crossings were like or where they got to.

fatgran57 Thu 05-Mar-20 01:46:52

What the heck!!! Cannot believe my post had been deleted this is two this past week or so.

What are you talking about Marydoll why read Rufus2's posts if they bother you so much. I don't think the bullying is coming from me.

You really are a nasty lot of mean girls. Look forward to seeing THIS post removed also. Sad to be so petty don't you think?

Hello lurkers angry

I reported an unpleasant post last week but I noticed it was not deleted. I guess you have to be a popular girl to be taken notice of on here.

No wonder so many people leave gransnet.