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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 01-Mar-20 12:29:56

I'm making a great sacrifice right now in posting this,; Ladies cricket is live on TV right now, England v W. Indies I think, from Sydney. Love it! recording it for later! wink

33C max today and now at 11.00pm it's just as warm, but being Melb. 19C tomorrow and 90% chance of rain!
Also on TV an older show, "Tea with the Dames", something like that. Recording it too, but watched the start and not very exciting. 4 ladies yacking; some points of interest; they all looked very attractive in their youth; it suggestd to me what a GN Meet-up would be like except the only drinkies were 2 jugs of water hmm
Feeling a bit jaded so I might get an early night. It's 11.30pm and still very warm.

Urmstongran Sun 01-Mar-20 12:58:32

Perhaps Rufus2 what we may now lack in attractiveness we may make up for in personality and experience of lives much varied and interesting?

Actually though, I did notice the water jugs! ... 🙂 but then spotted the place settings and cutlery still at hand so perhaps alcohol was featured with the meal.

Not that it’s compulsory!

rafichagran Sun 01-Mar-20 15:13:30

Good Evening Rufus Alchohol is a must at the meal for me anyway. When I am out we can be very lively.