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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 02-Mar-20 13:33:27

Actually that should be Good Morning Tuesday, but I don't wish to confuse the pedants. Not so jaded this evening; it's nearly 15C cooler.
Nurse Jacqui told me of a TV prog. she saw on Foxtel called "Mum"! Reckons it's very good and thinks I would like it because I'm a Pom! grin Searched Google and found out info. about it, but nothing to download! sad
I've got so much stuff piling up; cricket comp. and now City winning the League Cup, again! My recent spell in hosp. has given me a conscience-free excuse to convalesce in front of the TV. and soon it will be the Grand Prix. Things are getting betterer all the time.
The Casonova scare still continues, although there is little evidence of crowds being worried judging by the constant large crowds at sporting events. As they say "She'll be right, mate!"
Oh dear! It's 12.30 already. Catch you later!

rafichagran Mon 02-Mar-20 13:35:37

Casanova scare, you wish Rufus

Rufus2 Mon 02-Mar-20 13:52:56

Casanova Sorry about that! Did I scare you? The image of an aged Casanova scares me too, but have no fear! I think he'd be virus free by now!

Oopsadaisy3 Mon 02-Mar-20 15:45:24

Maybe a Freudian slip Rufus !

‘Mum’ was very good, a tad slow but if you can binge watch it’s worth it.

Hope you’re having a good evening. It’s a sunny late afternoon, and if I’ve untangled the dog from the tree at the bottom of the garden once, I’ve done it five times. It’s a bit squelchy down there too , still soon be Spring!