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Good Evening Tuesday

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Rufus2 Tue 03-Mar-20 12:53:53

Evening All; sounds like Dixon of Dock? Green!
Visited GP today as follow up to hosp. break and very startled when he emerged wearing a face mask and talked through it whilst consulting! hmm I thought of asking "where's mine?", but that would have been cheeky, considering he is meeting suspects all day. Chinese members of the community seen to have quarentined themselves indoors except for brief sorties for groceries and toilet paper! Shelves have been emptied, apparently, so we might have to renew trials of daily papers. grin
I was hoping to be able to download "MUM for free from YouTube or similar, Only on Foxtel which is not free.
NSW fire services say that ALL fires are out; heavy dumps of rain have helped of course, and now we have flood warnings up there inQueensland and NT, but they are used to cyclonic weather!
Here in boring Melb. we get none of that excitement; no fires, floods or even pestilence (whatever that is!)
Vegeburger for dinner tonight! not bad considering its name!
Where are they now? I noticed a post from Bijou our oldest member,the other day and does anyone remember Jalima from way back? At one time I thought she'd re-emerged as Lemongrove, but now it doesn't quite fit. confused
Just renewed my sub. to The Oldie mag. £61 for 12 months; is that a bargain, or what! Worth every new penny, but just realised forgot to negotiate a Senior's discount. Next year perhaps when we get a GN group discount. Over to you Jane! grin
Weather still good 26C no rain, but that's on its way.
Doubts about staging the Grand Prix shortly due to Corona (is that right?) but as masses of equipment appears to have arrived approval to run may be a formality. Of course, local residents will be up in arms in their annual complaints about the noise!
Must go!

Megs36 Tue 03-Mar-20 17:09:55

Hello Rufus, sounds dire that ‘the bug ‘ has reached you there ,
Just been to Lung Cancer Survivors group meeting (social) and everyone really up beat,
Talk in the news of some things being postponed but nothing definitely yet. Keep the faith! Spring is coming🌷🌷🌷