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Why procrastinate today, when you could do it tomorrow?

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phoenix Fri 06-Mar-20 19:19:31

Hello all, good wishes to you.

Well, the title really sums up Mr.P!

It drives me crazy at times (well, most times really).

A silly example, he orders skin tablets online (yes, I know) and had a card in the post offering his next order free (£20+).

All he has to do is go to the website, enter the order number from his most recent purchase, leave a short review, and Bobs your uncle. (Well, perhaps he's your Aunties new boyfriend, but hey ho!)I

That card has been sitting on the kitchen table for 4 weeks!

When I mention it, I get the reply "well, it's not time sensitive, is it?"


Tangerine Fri 06-Mar-20 19:22:26

Procrastination is the thief of time.

I tend to try not to procrastinate or a task/job turns into a chore.

phoenix Fri 06-Mar-20 19:38:45

Tangerine apart from weekends, I have Wednesday and Friday off, Friday is grocery shopping day (yes, I know it doesn't take a whole day, but in a rural area it's a bit more of a trek blush)

On Tuesday evenings, I jot down a few things to do on Wednesday, just to try to keep me on track.

Otherwise I too would put things off and spend time reading or on GN procrastinate.

However, other stuff I tackle straight away, e.g. contacting the phone & broadband supplier immediately after receiving the email saying our contract was about to end.

Would have been easy to add it to the "to do" list, but then it would never have got done, and our costs would have gone up.

SalsaQueen Sat 07-Mar-20 07:29:19

There are 2 things I frequently put off doing:

Cleaning the oven
the pile of ironing

anniezzz09 Sat 07-Mar-20 09:56:11

Phoenix I live with one of those. Drives me crazy. Small things I've learnt to put up with, but occasionally it'll be a relatively important phone call. I sit on my hands, wait but eventually ask has he done it yet, answer 'I was thinking about it '. I refuse to do everything and we've been close to parting because of it. Some kind of avoidance, who knows of what!

annodomini Sat 07-Mar-20 10:30:17

I am a prize procrastinator, phoenix. It got worse after I retired. A highlander I knew said 'When God made time he made plenty of it'. My life is full of 'meant to dos'. There's a jacket I almost finished knitting and crochet I almost started. At the moment I am putting off clearing the dishwasher and there's a new load for the washing machine - I live alone so where does all the laundry come from?
Fact is - there's always a reason for procrastinating, like a book to finish - something I never put off!

Baggs Sat 07-Mar-20 11:30:01

one of my dad's "mottos" (he had lots) was: Never put off till tomorrow what you can out off till the day after". I don't know who said it originally but it sounds a bit Spike Miligan-ish.

Baggs Sat 07-Mar-20 11:30:24



DanniRae Sat 07-Mar-20 11:37:52

My motto that gets me sorting out things is "It's only got to be done once!"

Mind you I left the ironing so long that Mr R now does his own - and most of my clothes don't need ironing. blush