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Commonwealth Day Service

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Teetime Tue 10-Mar-20 08:50:28

I watched this yesterday afternoon and thought it delightful. So many lovely messages of hope, beautiful colours and lots of children. Lovely hymns.

Anniebach Tue 10-Mar-20 09:00:15

I thought it was a lovely service.

Artdecogran Tue 10-Mar-20 09:28:51

I was impressed with Prince Edward and Sophie yesterday. Edward stopped and drew Sophie’s attention to watch the 2 Scottish dancers and the pipers out the front of the cathedral. I think he was the only one who did. They do seem to be genuinely nice people.

Teetime Tue 10-Mar-20 10:32:01

For some reason I woke up today thinking of Boris's reading of the Good Samaritan and wondered if we will be tested in the time of Covid-19 perhaps re neighbours self isolating and needing help?

Namsnanny Wed 11-Mar-20 18:21:31

its a good question Teetime, I don't think we have that 'all in it together' feeling that encourages people to help each other.

Perhaps I'm just an old cynic!!

What I have done, is bought 20 bottles of some very expensive (not that that matters, but in my mind it may be more effective because it costs more?) disinfectant.

I've distributed it to all the members of my family who are a) in the disadvantaged groups ie cancer, pneumonia illness of any kind etc.,
b) over 55yrs
c) have children.

The left over ones I've given to my nearest neighbours who fit the above criteria too!

Kept one for us.

I know I can't be physically helpful to anyone, but I hope they will find this product useful.

And it cheers me up to know I've done something rather than just sit and worry!

Anniebach Wed 11-Mar-20 18:24:42

I did find the talks by the Muslim and Jewish leaders inspiring

eazybee Wed 11-Mar-20 18:57:27

Thank you Anniebach!

Anniebach Wed 11-Mar-20 19:06:57

I was amused, not unkindly, the royals all had hymn sheets except for the Queen who sang the hymns without.
90 years of church attendance

Grandma70s Wed 11-Mar-20 19:17:07

They knew the words, though, Anniebach, and they were opening their mouths to sing, even the Queen. I used to find the sight of the royals ‘singing’ amusing, but they have apparently improved.

Elizabeth and her sister Margaret did a lot of singing as children and teenagers, so I imagine they are pretty confident about it.