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farview Tue 10-Mar-20 22:21:47 it just me? ..some really bizarre threads/posts on gransnet lately!.
What the heck is going no one else seeing this? ...

Hetty58 Tue 10-Mar-20 23:10:57

I've always thought some posts are very weird and must be meant to generate traffic to keep GN going. The same themes seem to come up regularly, just with slight variations

Namsnanny Tue 10-Mar-20 23:19:37

Can you be more specific?

Chewbacca Tue 10-Mar-20 23:20:36

Agreed farview, there have been some odd threads started lately and some very odd posts too this last few days. A lot of disruptive posts that just start arguments and bun fights. Plus the upsetting posts on normally very easy going and innocuous threads. Maybe it's the weather? hmm

Eloethan Tue 10-Mar-20 23:22:11

Like Namsnanny, I too am not sure which posts are being referred to.

absent Wed 11-Mar-20 06:16:11

That the same themes come up regularly isn't really surprising. We all have grandchildren so we are concerned about schooling, tests, bullying. We are growing older so we are concerned about health issues. We have families so we are concerned about their concerns from finance to their moving elsewhere – sometimes abroad. We are old and tend to use our rose-coloured spectacles about our youth. Gransnet is, I think, approaching eight years old. Some of us have been around since the beginning and some joined later so they have no idea about previous discussions and previous members. I don't have a problem when someone revisits a topic that has been discussed before, sometimes several times. I can post or not, as I choose.

Lucca Wed 11-Mar-20 06:22:03

There was one about how you get dressed - I found that weird

absent Wed 11-Mar-20 06:33:24

•Lucca* Well, you put your clothes on – so, yes, weird.

BlueBelle Wed 11-Mar-20 07:02:03

I m not sure which ones you mean either ? I think there’s always a trickle of weird ones that could be a suspect as having a quiet laff

vampirequeen Wed 11-Mar-20 07:14:33

I like the weird threads.