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Candles in the window

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Auntieflo Thu 19-Mar-20 18:24:01

Very recently, there was a reference to people putting candles in their windows.
I can't remember where I saw this, and wondered if some kind person could point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.

Coolgran65 Thu 19-Mar-20 18:49:25

I didn't hear that but heard a suggestion that if anyone needed help they should hang a ribbon or a towel from their door or a window.

grandMattie Thu 19-Mar-20 18:55:42

I have been given to understand that it was a CofE ego to get people to pray together and show solidarity by putting a lit candle in their window at 1900 certainly every Sunday, possibly daily. Hope that helps

grandMattie Thu 19-Mar-20 18:56:02

Ego =effort 😡

Helennonotion Thu 19-Mar-20 19:00:02

Baby Loss Awareness Week is in October every year At the end of the week, you can take part in the International Wave of Light, where people around the world light a candle or candles at 7 p.m. in memory of the baby or babies they have lost. I think when this started you put the lit candle in your window, but more recently people have been encouraged to post photos of lit candles on social media. Maybe this is what you remember?

Helennonotion Thu 19-Mar-20 19:01:58

I've just re-read your post Auntieflo and noticed you said very recently. October wasn't that recent! Sorry. grin

NanKate Thu 19-Mar-20 19:17:57

In February when Oldgaijin sadly died I said I had lit a candle for her in church and suggested others might light a candle or put flowers in the window in her memory. It was lovely so many people responded and sent photos to the GM thread.

Auntieflo Thu 19-Mar-20 19:22:09

Helennonotion, this wasn't in October.

It was, I believe, to do with showing our appreciation of the health workers.
The way that people in Spain/Italy are singing every day to show their gratitude.

Now, if I have got this all wrong, I stand ready to be corrected, but I felt sure it was one of the familiar names that I see posting.

Calendargirl Thu 19-Mar-20 19:24:12

Look under the ‘Religion’ forum.

It’s under ‘Cancellation of Church Services’ thread.
Septimia put it in.

Auntieflo Thu 19-Mar-20 19:53:45

Thank you Calendargirl. That was a lovely post from Septimia

That may have been it, but I also read that someone had net curtains, and that's the thread I remember.

I would like to do this, using battery operated candles.

Septimia Thu 19-Mar-20 20:12:58

Thanks for that, Auntiflo!

I shall think of you - and all Gransnetters - when I light my candle on Sunday.


Calendargirl Thu 19-Mar-20 20:33:33


I like to get things properly sorted!

Septimia had originally mentioned this on another thread. Someone said they had nets, but would put a torch in their window.
Couldn’t remember what the original thread was, but knew I had seen it again somewhere.
Hope this garbled explanation clarifies things, but probably not!

Anyway, I hope to remember to light my candle.

Auntieflo Thu 19-Mar-20 22:01:08

Calendargirl, I like an explanation, garbled or not.
Also hope to remember on Sunday.
Tomorrow I am going to find my candles and see if I have the right batteries.