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Postage Stamps

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Calendargirl Thu 19-Mar-20 20:23:24

Just to make you aware, if never been posted before.
Stamp prices increase on Monday, so last week went in to local newsagents and bought three books of stamps.
Gobsmacked at the cost, but haven’t bought any for ages.
When I got home, googled price and had been overcharged £1.44. Not a fortune, but went back and queried it, thought they had mixed up 1st and 2nd class. No, new owners charged about 4p more a stamp than usual price. I said I would have a refund and go to post office, so she refunded me the overpayment.
Looked it up when home again, and it seems if the newsagent or whoever buys them from Royal Mail, have to charge basic price, but if they get them from a Cash and Carry can charge what they like.
Lesson learned, will get from P.O. in future.

Grannybags Thu 19-Mar-20 20:57:05

What a cheek! I didn't know that so thanks for the warning