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Recycling the daily paper

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12Michael Fri 20-Mar-20 06:32:07

With toilet paper shortage will we see people cutting up there old newspapers to use as toilet paper as in the late 40`s and 50`s and 60`s

Greyduster Fri 20-Mar-20 06:55:42

Oh Lord, Mick, I hope not! I remember having to do that as a child, and hanging it in the lavatory. How I envied one of my friends who had Izal in their toilet, but that was pretty brutal stuff as well as I remember! My father use to say that posh people cut up the Financial Times, because the paper was thinner, and pink!😏

SpringyChicken Fri 20-Mar-20 06:56:07

That’s not happening in this house, Mick. It’ll block the drains. We use our old newspapers as liners for the fruit and veg box in the fridge and by the kitchen door for the garden shoes.

BlueBelle Fri 20-Mar-20 07:02:00

Unfortunately ‘idiots’ (sorry) are already putting kitchen roll down the loo so I m sure they ll put newspaper down too which will then block up not only individual systems but the whole lot

Davidhs Fri 20-Mar-20 07:11:49

I well remember newspaper in the toilet in the ‘50s, in those days it was a privy midden at the bottom of the garden, before 1960 the streets were dug up and mains drainage was put in for everyone.
Don’t put newspaper or even tissues down the loo you will block the drains!.

Mapleleaf Fri 20-Mar-20 08:56:47

There's would be a heck of a lot of blocked drains nowadays if people used newspaper, causing another public health issue!

GrannyLaine Fri 20-Mar-20 09:01:13

There have already been reports of drainage pumps being blocked because people are flushing sanitising wipes. WHY are people so dim?? I'm afraid squares of newspaper only work well in the outside privy (with the bucket or pit underneath)

M0nica Sat 21-Mar-20 08:50:44

There isn't, and won't be a shortage of loo paper, once people have filled their homes with these bulky items they will have to stop buying them.

The toilet paper manufacturers have no problems producing the stop. Their factories are working non-stop. Temporarily demand exceeds supply but more and more of the stuff is going to the shops daily.

M0nica Sat 21-Mar-20 08:51:05

stuff not stop.