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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 21-Mar-20 12:07:00

So here we are again " The more things change, the more they stay the same!"
All the wise men, and women keep saying "things will be OK when we come out the other side of this", whatever that means! I'm not too sure what's waiting on the other side, but "things" will certainly be different!
I'm mindful of Private' Fraser's catch phrase "We're doomed I tell you; we're all doomed! grin
That came to mind when Callistomen said that their village hall was closed and I thought where on earth would Captain Frazer and his Dad's Army meet for training to repel this invasive virus? sad
You will be pleased to know, although many Sydney-siders won't, that Bondi beach and others have been closed for the duration. Apparently our PM was not best pleased to see hundreds of beach goers cavorting there yesterday in defiance of the new crowd regs. You can't say we are not taking this crisis seriously. hmm

Mind you, if you are looking for a bit of light entertainment, the travel section of our week-end paper tells of a past-time called " Coasteering" off the Isle of Skye; "Thrills and chills with a leap of faith in Scotland." Apparently you need a wet-suit as thick as rhino hide! You could forget all your troubles forever! hmm

fatgran I don't think your "No visitors" sign will work! Your elderly BIL will obviously think, "I'm family, not a visitor"
Place a garden fork at your front gate with a bucket of water, a bar of soap and a notice saying, " Thank you for offering to help dig up our spuds round the back! When you're done please wash the fork and of course, your hands!"
If the soil is a bit on the muddy side, he probably won't take up your offer!
My carers have adopted a new procedure because of coronaphobia; they now have to ask me 3 questions before entering; have I done this; been anywhere? etc The nurse (Chinese) Juan, from a different company didn't ask anything, but time will tell I guess. They all know that my front door is unlocked so they are usually in the house before I know it!
If I happen to be on the throne it saves them having to wait on the front doorstep! shock
That's another Sat. without football, but thankfully repeats of everything are on the PC. Currently into Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Always good for a laugh.
Good Health

Jane10 Sat 21-Mar-20 13:33:33

Sounds like same old same old for you Rufus2. Pretty boring here. I've been shopping which went well. Glad I'm not sucked into the panic buying going on. Local small supermarket fully stocked.
Just going to read and watch TV today and grow ever fatter and more square eyed. All our previous travel plans and past social life seem like dreams now. 😐

Megs36 Sat 21-Mar-20 13:57:55

Yes, same here Rufus. Jane, I did say at the end of this I will have waist length hair and weigh 20 stones, just sitting around.
Although to be honest got another worry which is putting me off food.

Jane10 Sat 21-Mar-20 15:39:22

Sorry to hear that Megs36. Life's bad enough as it is without additional worries. brewcupcake

rafichagran Sat 21-Mar-20 16:55:55

Good Evening Rufus Jane and Megs. Agree with Jane no panic buying and our shops were fairly ok, certain things like past and loo roll they did not have.
So where is Nurse Jackie Rufus?

fatgran57 Sun 22-Mar-20 04:03:04

Hello Rufus and all who follow.

Re the brother in law story, it turned out that he had attended a funeral the day before he visited us! Foolish man, it won't be the last if he continues on like this.

The bucket of water sounded like a good idea but perhaps rigged up over the gate grin

We now have 16 cases of the virus, three of them were on the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

I am quite happy at the moment in isolation but wonder when it will begin to pall.

Daughters are getting our groceries for us but we don't want to become a burden. Also we can't do the school runs etc so that makes things harder for the girls.

Garden is getting a fair bit of attention as is the cooking. OH and I will be fighting over who makes the soup!

Keep well people and hope your situation improves Megs36

Rufus2 Sun 22-Mar-20 11:18:30

The bucket of water sounded like a good idea but perhaps rigged up over the gate
fatgran And what would you fill it with? grin

Rufus2 Sun 22-Mar-20 11:42:13

So where is Nurse Jackie
rafichagran; If you don't mind it's "Jacqui", a bit more refined wouldn't you agree. wink? She's a dinki-di Aussie!

Also, working flat out looking after all us Oldies as you might expect; she is my main nurse, but they all get rostered into different areas from time to time; even get rostered off some week-ends, so then another nurse pays a visit. That's when I get to meet nurses from all the neighbouring countries, including China and being registered nurses having studied here. they've all lived here for years. They do a very good job too! grin