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BlueBelle Sun 22-Mar-20 03:21:09

Hello to anyone else awake with a brain in overdrive buzzing around faster than the rate of knots
Trying some deep breathing exercises , never been able to meditate too busy a mind perhaps now is the time to learn
I bet I m not the only one
Say hello if you re up awake with a whizzing brain

annsixty Sun 22-Mar-20 03:32:12

Hello BlueBelle
I haven’t been able to sleep for several nights now, too much in my head as you say.
I am now convinced I will succumb to the virus although I haven’t been through my door for 10 days now.
I have two family members living with me and they both work, one mixing daily with the general public and one working in a large office and using public transport.
I should also be having a much needed hip replacement this week, that is now most likely cancelled and I will be in pain for the foreseeable future.
Apart from that I'm fine😉

BlueBelle Sun 22-Mar-20 03:49:35

Oh ann I am sorry to hear that I guess the hip op will be cancelled and it’s probably best not to be in hospital at the moment isn’t it but constant pain pulls you down so much without all this worry on top of it
Try to stay positive, such easy words to say and what a hard thing to do but I keep on saying it to myself
It would help if there were some diversions but I can no longer listen to the radio at night if I m awake as it’s constant and the T v too even my wonderful GN has thread after thread of virus news inevitable of course but dreadful for our mental health

I am so worried for my family in fact terrified what if anything happens to them and not me
I guess all we can do is keep talking and thank our lucky stars we have internet and contact I m trying so hard to look on the bright side

Coolgran65 Sun 22-Mar-20 04:02:38

I'm an insomniac. It's 4am and I'm up and about. No sleep yet tonight.This has been going on now for 15 years. I've had an MRI but no result yet and at some time will be seeing a respiratory consultant to find out of there is any sleep done because when I do sleep it's only in 2 hour naps.

Some nights I don't sleep at all.

BlueBelle Sun 22-Mar-20 04:16:14

Hello coolgran gosh what a pickle 15 years is a long time are you only just looking into it? how do you manage in the daytime aren’t you totally exhausted ?
I do sleep it’s just that I tend to bunny hop most night a couple of hours then an hour or so awake in and out and with all of this scary stuff going on it’s hard to rest your mind enough to go back to sleep
I hope you can get some help

Coolgran65 Sun 22-Mar-20 04:32:56

BlueBelle I'm not only just looking into it 😀
I've seen GP after GP, been prescribed all sorts of sleeping pills none of which made a pin of difference.
In December I was so distraught in doc appointment that i was with her for an hour. Had already been referred to a consultant but waiting list is 3 years. In December I said I'd use my savings to see a consultant privately. It took 3 months to see him, even privately. Paid for MRI privately.

When I worked I often was on automatic. Exhausted but not sleepy. It's crazy.
Once I fell asleep sitting in the chemist waiting on a script being filled.

BBbevan Sun 22-Mar-20 04:45:35

Hello. Planning tomorrow. Sort Isas, make Shepherds pies, move some shelves. Planning garden etc etc Buzz, Buzz, whirr whirr. I may drop off in a while. Who knows?

BlueBelle Sun 22-Mar-20 05:03:27

welcome to this thread bbbevan I never realised there was three bbb s
I know the quote ‘ be still my beating heart’ what about ‘ be still my effing brain’

Esspee Sun 22-Mar-20 05:36:04

Good morning BlueBelle.
Just woke to find an email from Morrisons. They are bringing in an NHS shopping hour from 7-8am every day and the doors will be manned to keep everyone else out.

Well done Morrisons!

Ginny42 Sun 22-Mar-20 05:43:37

I've only just spotted your thread Bluebelle and been awake doing online scrabble then decided to pop onto GN. I've got a bit of a sore throat and my minds gone into overdrive. Must stay focused.

NotAGran55 Sun 22-Mar-20 05:44:40

Morning all smile I’ve been awake since 4am which is quite normal for me . I don’t mind too much except on work days when it’s a bit of a pain .

I don’t have any health issues but have never been a good sleeper . A recent purchase of a weighted blanket does seem to be helping though .

Bluebell I listen to audio books in the night and don’t look 👀 at any social media sites until 0530 . They are absorbing and relaxing too .

Sorry to hear your hip op has been cancelled Ann but you are much safer out of hospital.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 22-Mar-20 05:45:30


I do get sleepless nights and like the rest of you buzz, buzz, whir, whir.

Night before Last up at 1am trying to find a shopping slot - found one from Asda not until the 9 th April, but needs must. Slept then from about 4-6

Last night woke hot and achy convinced I was a goner, but seem to have recovered this morning😄

ann everything crossed, you just might be lucky.

coolgran I had a dear friend like you. She just never slept, but seem to survive ok. What she would have given for a good nights sleep!

NotAGran55 Sun 22-Mar-20 05:47:52

Esspee M&S are doing it a couple of days a week too in addition to the mornings for the elderly.

BlueBelle Sun 22-Mar-20 05:49:00

Hi espee and ginny/
There’s quite a few supermarkets doing that espee I think Iceland started it what a good idea though I hope it helps
my daughter is a NHS worker she went to aldi at 8 am Saturday morning and said the shelves were fairly full They had toilet rolls with a worker ‘guarding’ them 😁
I hope that sore throat gets better Ginny I think we are all super sensitive to any new aches and pain I ve been doing scrabble and other word games since 2 am 🤣

Ginny42 Sun 22-Mar-20 05:53:01

I'm trying to beat my personal best in Scrabble Sprint. How sad it that?

Ginny42 Sun 22-Mar-20 05:55:25

Ann perhaps you're better off not in hospital at the moment, although I know someone aged 83 who had her hip replacement last week.

Txquiltz Sun 22-Mar-20 05:57:47

I rarely get a full nights sleep. I worked the midnight shift and since retiring, I think that "broke my sleeper"! I have to stay quiet so DH can sleep and usually end up watching tv with earphones that won't disturb others. Glad to know there are other night owls ot there.

Ginny42 Sun 22-Mar-20 06:01:58

As Mother's Day dawns perhaps we'll have a brighter day emotionally. My DD and family are in a locked down city, but we're trying to remain positive. Perhaps your thread will get busier as time goes by Bluebelle.

There's a thought - the bluebells are well up in the woods and soon the flowers will be up.

BlueBelle Sun 22-Mar-20 07:24:53

Morning everyone I will spring the thread up if we are again awake tonight because if we re awake it’s better to talk than lie worrying, there’s help in being together
Have a wonderful if a bit solitary day
Happy Mother’s Day to us all xxx

Coolgran65 Sun 22-Mar-20 07:34:36

Last night I got to sleep around 5.50 and I woke at 7.15.
That’s my lot. My consultant said he was worried because lack of sleep means your body is unable to repair itself and causes heart disease, depression etc

Susan56 Sun 22-Mar-20 07:47:11

Didn’t think to look at gransnet when my mind was buzzing in the early hours.BlueBelle,I am like you,terrified for my family.I am sure I will check in with you all tonight,sleep is evasive at the moment.
Have the best day you can everybody.x

Bathsheba Sun 22-Mar-20 08:04:53

My new pattern seems to be around 5 hours sleep a night, but even that is broken by at least two trips to the loo! So I wake finally about 5.30 and nothing will get me back to sleep - yes, I have the buzz, buzz, whirr, whirr thing too. Every potential problem, disaster, calamity just crowds to the front of my head and I know that's my night over.
Coolgran how awful for you. I shan't ever complain about my broken nights again flowers
And ann please try to stay calm, just keep away from other people in the house as much as you possibly can, stay in one room unless you need the bathroom. Do you have more than one bathroom? Can you restrict one to your use only? I know these are the guidelines for people who have symptoms and are self-isolating in a shared household, but it might help to put your mind at rest. But oh the hip pain! You poor thing, I do hope you can keep the pain under control until you're safely able to have the op flowers

SeraphinaPerkins Mon 18-May-20 04:31:01

I haven’t been sleeping well at nights before until my daughter invited me to this gong meditation London session. I really loved the sound of gongs and chimes ever since. There are still some sleepless nights, but listening to such soothing sounds really helped me fall asleep at night.

dinks13 Mon 18-May-20 04:51:29

Oh wow love the sound of the gong meditation, may have to try that when everything gets back to some kind of normality. I tend to fall asleep fine, but always wake up about 3am, then that’s it, I might as well get up!!!

sodapop Mon 18-May-20 08:59:19

I don't sleep well either BlueBelle usually wake around 3am then read for an hour or two. I leave my screens downstairs as I am told the light emitted from them does not help you to sleep.
Coolgran that's a long time to be struggling with insomnia, I hope you get some help soon.
Annsixty hope you get your operation soon, take care.