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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 22-Mar-20 12:56:20

Oh Dear! What would you like first? The bad news or the worse news? They used to say that "things" can go from bad to worse" or "things can't get any worse"; now it's "things will lbe OK when we get to the"other side"! confused

Things have got much worse here today, regarding anti virus tactics. After closure of Bondi and other beaches, Aussie football has been suspended indefinitely, so has Ladies footy; in fact all sports in order to prevent crowds.
All non-essential activities such as cafes, coffee shops restaurants etc. etc.
Billions of dollars are to be given to businesses to keep them viable as well as to employees who would otherwise be jobless. A bleak prospect, but other countries are far worse.
At least our casualties are manageable, at the moment. sad

This self-isolation is a good excuse to sit at my PC with a clear conscience; it needs a thorough culling, but that usually gets put off until the day after tomorrow; then I'll upgrade from Win7 to Win10. Piece of cake?
Will be interesting tomorrow (10 mins. away!) to see whether nurse has further questions relating to any exposure to any contaminated others; might even get my temp. took! grin
On that happier note I'll say Ta-Ra and Good Health.

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 22-Mar-20 13:15:57

Hi Rufus we have already done those things, except the beaches, but as hordes are moving out of the cities (now schools have closed) they are moving to the tourist areas where they will swamp the local population and use food and medical resources that they are unable to cope with.
Nobody wants to see us locked down but the way some people are behaving is almost criminal.
I’m having a cup of tea and some Christmas cake I found lurking at the bottom of the freezer. I put more Brandy in it than I realised! So for the moment I’m quite chilled. Unable to see family of course but we have spoken on the phone.
Take care of yourself x

Squiffy Sun 22-Mar-20 13:19:13

Take care of yourself Rufus smile

rafichagran Sun 22-Mar-20 15:23:50

Keep well Rufus