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Last year's frogs

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fatgran57 Mon 23-Mar-20 02:37:21

Trying to learn how to upload photos so this is a testsmile

fatgran57 Mon 23-Mar-20 02:38:06

It worked!!!!! No stopping me now.

mary51 Mon 23-Mar-20 06:30:24

When my son lived in NZ remember loads of toads like that at the back of the garden.

watermeadow Mon 23-Mar-20 20:39:31

I have lots of frog spawn this year but the goldfish eat most of the tadpoles.
I’m fond of my frogs. It takes 5 years for them to grow up and begin breeding so it’s very sad to see them squashed on the road after a wet night in early spring.

SueDonim Mon 23-Mar-20 21:19:18

They’re so teeny! ❤️

grannyactivist Mon 23-Mar-20 21:28:05

My mother-in-law really doesn't like frogs or toads and when my children were small they always delighted in bringing her gifts of them from the pond. She also has brooches, wind up toys etc. that they bought for her when they were children. I like them. smile

GabriellaG54 Mon 23-Mar-20 21:42:20

OMG eek! 😧😮😲😱

GabriellaG54 Mon 23-Mar-20 21:43:17

Why are they out of the water?

fatgran57 Mon 23-Mar-20 23:10:54

GabriellaG54 they don't live in the water once they stop being tadpoles.

They live all around the garden, under mulch, found them in pipes, up in shrubs love the agapanthus and angelica leaves to sit on in the sun.

This year we hardly had any but last year those plants in the picture absolutely seethed with frogs.

So many that even I, who likes frogs, sometimes had a little shudder!

Apparently your garden is environmentally in good condition if you have frogs. Low use of sprays etc.

watermeadow we used to have goldfish but a grey heron type bird got them sad

GabriellaG54 Tue 24-Mar-20 01:26:56

On opening my front door a year or so ago, I found a frog sitting on the buffer of the door (the piece of wood sticking out along the bottom edge)
It jumped onto the mat as the door swung inwards and then onto to boot tray.
I had to hope that it didn't move and grabbed my umbrella from the hook, unfurled it and held it so the frog would jump into it, which it did after several nail- biting minutes.
Once in the bottom of the upturned brolly, I closed it and fastened the velcro strip to keep it inside. Then I marched out to the bin and put the umbrella inside.
Two days later the frog went on his travels.
I still shudder even thinking about it and have had the buffer removed.
🕷️🕸️ and flies I can deal with, 🐸and 🐌and m* absolutely not. Luckily, no m* so far 🤞
Frogs are slimy and they suddenly jump . 😲😱

fatgran57 Tue 24-Mar-20 01:40:05

I don't mind them at all and the grandchildren love to let them hop onto their hands - well-washed afterwards!

Now if you were talking SPIDERS then it would be a different reaction from me. Scared stiff of them and we have the huge Huntsman ones here and they love to come inside.

One of my grandmothers was absolutely terrified of moths, she was afraid that they would get into her hair with their sticky legs, she would scream and scream if she saw a moth. I am the same if I see a spider and I have passed this fear on to my daughters.

OH isn't worried by them and will happily take them outside - we are not allowed to kill them. Behind his back I do wield the flyspray grin

watermeadow Tue 24-Mar-20 17:57:42

WARNING! All slug killers kill frogs and toads and probably birds and hedgehogs too.
Wanting to grow lupins I planted one and watered around it with slug killer which said it was harmless to wildlife. Next morning there was a dead toad beside the lupin.

NfkDumpling Tue 24-Mar-20 18:00:42

Those copper bands keep slugs off quite well. Frogs and hedgehogs don't seem to mind them.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 24-Mar-20 18:06:20

Well fatgran you're cleverer than me. I've tried to send pictures and I'm utterly bamboozled.
I put beer out and the slugs drown in it.

CanadianGran Tue 24-Mar-20 18:09:56

I like frogs and toads. As a child we had a huge toad that lived under the back door step. He would come out at dusk and prowl the garden. If you forgot, sometimes he would give us a start with his movement, but we knew he did live there so just had to be aware. Lived for years!

We have no frogs or toads in my area, I'm not sure why, i guess they are not native to the north coast.

Inland about 60 kilometers there are lots of toads; in spring the golf course is black with the little ones moving out of the ponds and into the woods.