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Home delivery more scarce than hens teeth ?

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NanaandGrampy Mon 23-Mar-20 12:14:33

I tried this morning to book a home delivery as we are self isolating as I'm disabled and have a chronic kidney disease. Morrisons, Tesco and Asda had nothing available for the whole of their available calendar. Sainsburys wouldn't even let me look at the slots as I'm not on their vulnerable list !

And I forgot my password for Ocado so resetting it put me in a queue at number 6100 to just get into the website to reset it ( they are estimating an over 2 hour wait ).

I suspect Im going to have no trouble sticking to my Slimming World diet over the next 12 weeks - food isn't exactly going to be easy to get or plentiful !!

Ilovecheese Mon 23-Mar-20 12:18:59

Do you have a milkman? Most dairies will deliver essential foodstuffs.

NanaandGrampy Mon 23-Mar-20 12:30:17

Luckily enough I did register - I'm currently in a queue to get on the website - I'm 20672 nd in line :-( .

We do have a butchers and bakers in the village , so I'm going to have to ask for help and get a home delivery .

I wasn't worried because I thought as long as I can get a fortnightly delivery we wouldn't need to go out... now I'm not so sure .

chicken Mon 23-Mar-20 13:06:15

NanaandGrampy,I know how you feel.I've been trying for ages for a slot on Tesco's site, but there's nothing. I can't understand why they don't give precedence to vulnerable customers. The last order I had, the driver commented on what a change it was to unload a normal order. Most of his customers had enormous loads that were taking half an hour each to unload. I've always kept a well stocked pantry but things are starting to run out now and no way am I going to risk going into a jammed supermarket, so it will have to be strange combinations conjured up from what's in the freezer.

Doodledog Mon 23-Mar-20 13:13:27

Yes, we will be eating haddock with custard at this rate. There are no slots available at all in my area, which is maddening, as I have shopped online for 20 years or so.

I think they should stop people from booking multiple slots ahead, as I'm sure that this must be happening. I do understand why, as if you have to wait months to get a free slot, it must be tempting to grab any you can find, but it's not fair, is it? The trouble is, it's very difficult to play fair when others are not doing so, so it needs to be regulated somehow.

Even that is difficult, though, as we all have different circumstances, and clearly a family of six needs to buy more than a single person or couple. It is at times like this that I am pleased I am not in charge of things grin.

annsixty Mon 23-Mar-20 13:17:32

I am on Sainbury's priority list, can I get a slot?, can I h...
They have truly lost my loyalty.
I have had weekly deliveries since my H was ill, several years now and always used them before that.
It matters not a jot, they are a faceless business ,that is all.

NanaandGrampy Mon 23-Mar-20 17:52:10

I think you're right Doodledog , but to not even be able to click and collect strikes me as plain nuts !!

We would rather not do that - we have stayed in for a week and I don't want to die for a loaf of bread but really??/

We'll be with you on the haddock and custard front - our poor little dog isn't going to be happy lol !!

Doodle Mon 23-Mar-20 20:02:56

annsixty try getting an order ready on Sainsburys and go to checkout and keep checking delivery slots. I created an order 2 days ago and there was nothing available. I kept checking at off times and suddenly there were slots available for the next day. I have had my delivery tonight, no chicken but everything else apart from that. Good luck with the orders everyone.

Iam64 Mon 23-Mar-20 20:23:03

I've been trying to register with either Sainsbury or Morrisons, both local supermarkets I shop at regularly. I hadn't had it delivered and have found it impossible to register, 2,500 people waiting.
I have a compromised immune system due to the medication I take to keep RA under control. I'm over 70 and have two other chronic conditions listed as making me vulnerable. My husband can shop, though he's 70 and of course will bring home any bugs he picks up in the crowded supermarkets where so many seem unable to keep a proper distance. So, we agreed we should go for delivered shops.
It seems we have no chance.

M0nica Mon 23-Mar-20 20:33:51

DS and family are socially excluding as one of the DGC's friend's family has the virus.

DS tried to get a slot for deliveries. Sainsburies, Waitrose, Tesco were all no go. He finally got the last available slot at Morrisons - on 9th April.

However has also discovered that quite a number of local small shops are delivering and has a large quantity of fruit and vegetables on order from his local greengrocer. In my ara, my local butcher and farm shop are doing local deliveries,so it may be worth telephoning local corner shops and specialist meat suppliers to see if they can deliver.

MrsEggy Mon 23-Mar-20 20:40:21

I'm already a customer of Sainsburys, had a delivery 2 weeks
ago, but can't find a way to even register as vulnerable. Website and phone both impossible! We are in our 80s and DH is registered as partially sighted, but we will have to go out to shop. Family are miles away. Neighbor has offered help but I can't ask her to do a big shop.

merlotgran Mon 23-Mar-20 20:58:23

Mrs Eggy, If you are in your eighties and are already registered with Sainsbury's you will be on their over 70's list. You will have given them your DOB when you registered.

If and when you manage to access the website you should be able to book an over seventies slot if there is one available and do your shopping.

If you are over seventy I don't think you need to tell them about any other health issues.

Hetty58 Mon 23-Mar-20 20:59:09

MrsEggy, if your neighbour has offered, please let her help. Maybe divide your big shop into two or three smaller ones?

BlueSapphire Mon 23-Mar-20 22:20:30

The last regular order I booked with Sainsbury's I made sure they knew that I was 70+ and self- isolating and on my own and they also have my birthdate. Been shopping online with them for 10 years since late DH had his stroke.
I had an email last week and again yesterday to say I was on their list, and this morning had an email to tell me that the delivery slots were open.
It took about an hour to eventually log in as they kept closing the site, but was successful in the end. Delivery tomorrow.
Apparently Sainsbury's are no longer accepting new people to their delivery site, or so I read today. You have to be a current customer.

Witzend Mon 23-Mar-20 22:23:38

Morrison’s are apparently offering boxes of essentials to the vulnerable, for home delivery. Have a google. They’re doing a vegetarian box and a non vegetarian one.

Grannynannywanny Mon 23-Mar-20 22:27:38

I tried unsuccessfully last night to book a Tesco slot, I’m already registered with them and use occasionally. Calendar only went to end of April and not one available slot. However when I selected the click and collect option ( go to Tesco cat park at allotted time and meet van with your order) I got a slot for April 12th. Anybody’s guess what might be in stock but worth a try

NfkDumpling Mon 23-Mar-20 22:40:27

DH has had a text message to say he's at high risk (he is), and that there'll be advise on the Gov.UK/Coronavirus website tomorrow about home deliveries for vulnerable people. I would have thought you'd be on the list NanaandGrampy.

For fit people it's impossible. One person I know was given a delivery date in July!

Lisawill Tue 24-Mar-20 00:59:22

Please register for help if you need the help for shopping or prescriptions delivering.

Ask family, friends and neighbours to support you and use online services. If this is not possible, then the public sector, business, charities, and the general public are gearing up to help those advised to stay at home.

Please visit from Tuesday 24 March 2020 to register for the support that you need. This includes help with food, shopping deliveries and additional care you might need.

The government is helping pharmacies to deliver prescriptions. Prescriptions will continue to cover the same length of time as usual. If you do not currently have your prescriptions collected or delivered, you can arrange this by:
Asking someone who can pick up your prescription from the local pharmacy, (this is the best option, if possible). Or by
Contacting your pharmacy to ask them to help you find a volunteer (who will have been ID checked) to deliver it to you.

Hope this helps

Fellsidegruffalo Tue 24-Mar-20 03:54:44

In our local town, greengrocer, butcher and small local grocery store are coordinating being able to do deliveries in the local area. Aim is to offer people a weekly delivery slot. It’s on Facebook but if you didn’t see the posts you would know about it. I’m sure a lot of local shops in towns will do this so worth a call to ask them.

Ginny42 Tue 24-Mar-20 04:38:25

Thank you Lisawill that was very helpful for me. I've never done food shopping online because I wanted to keep going myself for as long as I'm able. That's not helping now!

Fortunately I have lovely neighbours, but they won't take payment from me. I wanted to give one girl an amount of money and when that's gone give her some more. Perhaps she doesn't want to handle cash?

My DD is trying to order for me from abroad, so we'll see. Fingers crossed! She was number 7000+ in the queue on Ocado then couldn't find a slot.

I will check the site. Thanks again.

BBbevan Tue 24-Mar-20 05:58:31

I have been trying for days to book a delivery with anyone. But no go. I spent all day yesterday alternating between trying to cancel an appointment at Santander and trying for a grocery slot. My neighbour says she always books her next slot as soon as she starts the first, So I suspect that is what a lot of people have done. DH and are are both in our mid 70s. Quite fit and healthy so we might have to bite the bullet and actually go to a shop. Don’t really want to though

rosie1959 Tue 24-Mar-20 06:05:11

I did have a little more luck with click and collect Did get a slot but not until April
Only braving the local shops for absolute necessities

Txquiltz Tue 24-Mar-20 06:09:53

I realize I must get in quque to order delivery. I spent 5 hours today trying to get registered. Nobody is on site at customer support so I was using the web site. They only set up service for the next 2 days so I doubt I will be signed on for delivery before Sat. Normally, this type thing would be a minor inconvenience. Today with self isolation, it is maddening. Just venting.

annsixty Tue 24-Mar-20 07:41:58

I take it all back.
I was contacted by e-mail last evening and went online to find a 3 week delivery slot printed but no instructions.
I filled a trolley and tried to checkout, no joy.
I tried hourly, I am like a zombie this morning, but finally at 7am the slots magically appeared and I have a slot for tomorrow, Hallelujah!!
I guess two or three days at a time will be released.
Sorry Sainsbury’s, I misjudged you.

janeainsworth Tue 24-Mar-20 09:55:56

I just phoned our local Co-op to see if they might be doing local deliveries.

They’re not, but the lass I spoke to said that they’re making the store as safe as possible by only allowing 5 people in at a time and clearly marking out areas in the store so that people don’t get too near to each other.

I think I’ll only resort to that if desperate, fortunately I have a Morrison’s delivery tomorrow & one on 4th April.

Good luck to all of you who are struggling. Perhaps this is why the Govt delayed lockdown, because they knew the supermarkets couldn’t cope.