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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 24-Mar-20 13:31:16

Late dinner this evening; Smoked Cod, parsley sauce and 3 veg. From freezer to microwave and 7 min. later, hey presto dinner for one! No washing up either!
Our Council's door-to-door shopping service was surprisingly on today, although I was the only (stupid?) passenger. the rest had cancelled out which was just as well, as the bus is a 10-seater BMW, so keeping the 1.5 metre separation would have been tricky.!
Felt like a Lord! grin Would have given pedestrians a regal wave if there had been any, but perhaps just as well as I might have received the usual finger salute in return!
That lifestyle would have suited me, but too late now! sad

Likewise, the shopping centre was 75% down in customers and sadly the free electric mobility scooter has been withdrawn for the duration so it was a case of actually pushing a shopping trolley again1 hmm
Stock levels are back to a reasonable level and by not multibuying there was no chance of being challenged at check-out, whereas Son Neil in Brisbane found out that the 2 item limit also applied to the various types of milks required by Vegan daughter Tashie. Doesn't touch dairy!

Fortunately several of the small coffee shops were operating , but all chairs had been removed to prevent customers loitering and contravening space regs, so it was truly "take-away"! confused
Hope you are all keeping well regardless, discarding all your procrastinations and getting on with all those things you've been neglecting Old bones can only tolerate so much gardening so I've found! hmm
Good Health!

Oopsadaisy3 Tue 24-Mar-20 13:35:00

Rufus whilst I applaud your usual spirit, I would urge you to stay at home, the reason the bus and shops are nearly empty is because it isn’t safe!

Jane10 Tue 24-Mar-20 13:39:14

Yes please stay at home if you possibly can. Will vegans have to like it or lump it these days? It's a choice not a health concern. I'm being harsh I know but shopping for others is wearing. It's obviously hard for some to compromise and take what they can get rather than insist on their usual brands and types of food.

Baggs Tue 24-Mar-20 15:21:34

Good to read your post, rufe. Cheerfulness in the face of general doom is always good 🙂🙂

Megs36 Tue 24-Mar-20 17:13:32

Yes take care,STAY SAFE. STAY IN.
Applies to all of us.

rafichagran Tue 24-Mar-20 18:14:54

Rufus please stay in and stay safe. I have not long got in from work, I am shattered, I would not go out if I did not have to.
Soon as I got in I showered, all work clothes in the washing machine, and I made sure everything was wiped down and clean.