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contactless payments to increase to £45.00p

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infoman Wed 25-Mar-20 01:53:00

Heard a rumour that the above will happen come
april 1st.
Just hope its not an early april fools joke.

Oopsadaisy3 Wed 25-Mar-20 06:14:08

well thats good .
Most people’s weekly shop comes to far more than £30. So it will save us having to touch the machines. Maybe it should be £60?

Calendargirl Wed 25-Mar-20 06:46:16

Yes, it was announced that it’s bring increased to £45.

Calendargirl Wed 25-Mar-20 06:46:37

Being, not bring!

Riverwalk Wed 25-Mar-20 06:47:49

It's not a rumour, it's a fact and was announced in all the newspapers yesterday.

infoman Wed 25-Mar-20 09:09:48

Riverwalk please refrain from making not nice comments.
Gransnet is a wonderful site to pass on information and exchange views,and maybe take on board some, if not all,
of the info supplied.
Newspapers sales are in continual decline,
as most now gleam their info from the Internet.
We all might have not gone out "Yesterday" or even been in a position, or to be able, to go out "Yesterday"
Have you not noticed how many dentists and doctors surgeries don't have magazines in the surgery any more.
May I suggest you have a look at the Walt Disney film Bambi,when thumper said
if you can't say something nice don't say nothing at all.

Esspee Wed 25-Mar-20 09:16:06

You are the one being rude to @Riverwalk. Time to wind your neck in. Riverwalk’s post was brief, factual and informative.
I suggest YOU take Thumper’s advice.

Hetty58 Wed 25-Mar-20 09:19:50

Well, what a time to bring in an increase, just when we're avoiding germ-ridden cash (yes, it's really filthy). An ideal time to increase those profits!

mumofmadboys Wed 25-Mar-20 09:20:36

I agree. Nothing wrong with Riverwalk's post at all

Calendargirl Wed 25-Mar-20 09:23:27

Not sure what you mean Hetty58. It’s been brought in so people can pay for larger amounts contactless during the crisis.
Not about profits really. Or have I missed something?

Ellianne Wed 25-Mar-20 09:23:58

Great news. I can't count how many times my interim shopping has come to £32 - £40.

bikergran Wed 25-Mar-20 09:27:00

Much welcomed by myself and my colleagues who work on supermarket till, the amount of people that still!!! put their money in their mouth whilst doing something else is disgusting, then!! we have to get hold of that money to put it in the till!
Also the ones that wet" their fingers to count their money out.

We have now got personal hand sanitiser on our tills(if it hasn't been stolen)! and I shall be wearing the latex gloves when I go back to work Friday, may not be much protection but at least stops germs going down your nails.

We don't want others saliva on our hands thank you.
Also people will put their card in their mouth confused

12Michael Wed 25-Mar-20 10:23:03

ninathenana Wed 25-Mar-20 10:28:27

Will this be permanent do we know ?

A good thing in may ways.

millymouge Thu 26-Mar-20 10:22:22

I didn’t know about it, haven’t seen a newspaper for some while. A good idea.

EllanVannin Thu 26-Mar-20 11:13:49

I remember being quite indignant when first spending contactless after being told I couldn't exceed £30. Thinking I was being singled out I blurted out that I had more than that in my account. I hadn't known/realised that it referred to everyone----I must have missed that bit.