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We don’t really need it, but I love it and feel like supporting poor old M&S

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Witzend Wed 25-Mar-20 08:14:12

Saw a duvet set I really love a few weeks ago (rare enough anyway). They didn’t have the right size in the shop so I looked online but sensibly didn’t buy it, couldn’t justify it when existing ones are fine, only not nearly as nice.
Very tempted to order it now!

janeainsworth Wed 25-Mar-20 08:25:17

Go for it Witzend.
I’ve just acquired a new blouse (online of course) from &Other Stories (semi-sheer black with a lovely subdued pattern) goodness knows when I’ll wear it.
I’m thinking of starting to ‘dress for dinner’grin
At least you will be using your new duvet.

I think M&S bed linen is very good quality. I bought some for the bedroom the GC use when they visit & even DD was impressed.

Witzend Wed 25-Mar-20 09:21:27

Thanks, Jane - the deed is done!

Hetty58 Wed 25-Mar-20 09:26:42

Doesn't anyone understand the strain on postal and delivery services at the moment?

I've put off ordering a few things I want (but don't need) until this crisis is over. I've got a list instead, for later. It's the responsible thing to do. I can justify 'needs' but not 'wants'.

Harris27 Wed 25-Mar-20 09:29:31

What about mental well-being hetty58;? A simple purchase like this may lift the spirits at this very sad time!

Witzend Wed 25-Mar-20 09:30:47

Well, I suppose I should have realised that somebody would be preaching at at me.

Teetime Wed 25-Mar-20 09:33:39

Well I'm guilty.
Hair Dye from Boots and Amazon
Skirt and top from Monsoon
Trainers from local shop.
There will be more things too.

Kittye Wed 25-Mar-20 09:34:36

Witzend Enjoy! I love nothing more than a lovely fresh bed. Especially nice new bed linen 😴😴😊

twinnytwin Wed 25-Mar-20 09:34:47

Some shops are relying on online purchases as they’ve had to close their bricks and mortar shops. I’m doing my bit by adding to my stash of fabrics. Keep safe.

Rosalyn69 Wed 25-Mar-20 09:36:22

I’m guilty too. But luxury items keep my spirits up. A nice shampoo and conditioner from Molton Brown.

oldgimmer1 Wed 25-Mar-20 09:42:37

I'm wondering what the official diktat advice is? To shop online or to not shop online? confused

bikergran Wed 25-Mar-20 09:55:17

Witzend enjoy your purchase smile

janeainsworth Wed 25-Mar-20 09:56:24

I’m sure the businesses that have an online presence are very grateful for our business.
Hetty I’m not sure what you mean by strain on the postal services. As far as I’m aware, postmen aren’t being asked to help with supermarket deliveries are they?
We shouldn’t forget that the economic consequences of this pandemic are going to be devastating and will probably affect many more of us than the actual virus will.

kittylester Wed 25-Mar-20 09:56:44

Presumably it's ok as online shops are still allowed.

So far I have

Bought a top and trousers from M&S
Sent books to the dgc
Sent sweets to them
Bought two lamps from Habitat

All on line!

Next it's books for me and Dh from Waterstones.

We need to support businesses and jobs as much as we can.

Maybellex Wed 25-Mar-20 09:57:10

A considered purchase that will be treasured. Delivery is the only option for our family at the moment as a new baby is due in 6 weeks time, and who knows how long this crisis will last. Reasonably priced stuff available in supermarkets but NO delivery slots available, then may actually be about of stock. Hunting for nappies and baby milk has been a challenge and will continue to be particularly for me mums. What is upsetting me most is the tiny little thing of getting a baby gift bag for a baby boy for clothes I have and am making. She is a very understanding daughter and doesn't expect. But she is less lucky than her sister, the lack of a paper bag to me sums up the difference birth experience she will have, plus I won't know when we will see our grandson.

Alishka Wed 25-Mar-20 10:00:51

I remember when M&S clothes were made in the UK. Good quality stuff, beautifully made. When they outsourced to China, things changed...

henetha Wed 25-Mar-20 10:01:52

I wasn't aware of any strain on postal services, apart maybe from some of the staff being ill, obviously.
I've got a couple of items on order. I thought we were being encouraged to shop online.

B9exchange Wed 25-Mar-20 10:02:26

I had ordered a new duvet set too, arrived last week, masses of lace and broderie anglaise, gives me a lift every single time I enter the bedroom. If we don't keep online shops in business, you won't be able to order your items when we are through this. Postmen and women need their jobs, if demand drops off they will be let go, think of them too.

merlotgran Wed 25-Mar-20 10:08:08

Isn't it nice not to be getting so much junk mail?

I'm using online services for things I would normally buy at a garden centre. Small items are arriving in the post.