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forgetting the gin-a (lighthearted ) question

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petunia Wed 25-Mar-20 08:56:11

Can I ask a question re shopping for essentials during this CV crisis?

If you do your essential shop, go home and unpack but find you have forgotten the gin, are you allowed to go back?

timetogo2016 Wed 25-Mar-20 08:59:11

Allowed or not i would be off like a shot.
Or two ha.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 25-Mar-20 09:01:06

I think it would be compulsory petunia 👍😂

Oopsadaisy3 Wed 25-Mar-20 09:27:42

How can you forget the Gin?
It should be on the top of your list next to Tonic and peanuts
And Chocolate

Teetime Wed 25-Mar-20 09:29:48

Ah that would be Mission Critical so its allowed.

Nana3 Wed 25-Mar-20 09:38:54

Did an essentials shop in Morrisons about 2 weeks ago, no loo roll, no large bottles of gin 😂

petunia Wed 25-Mar-20 09:46:14

i see that i am among friends here. and yes, i should put gin at the very top of the list!

annsixty Wed 25-Mar-20 10:15:45

Oh, foolish girl Petunia
One should never have less than 2 bottles in reserve, which are replenished as soon as one reaches the bottom of No 1.😃🤫

V3ra Wed 25-Mar-20 10:25:12

My adult children are well trained to buy me gin on any occasion.
A litre of Bulldog came from one son for Mother's Day and a gift box with two miniatures and two balloon glasses from the other one.
It's decent tonic water I'm struggling to find 😳

Lisagran Wed 25-Mar-20 10:31:18

The second journey is your exercise for the day smile

Alishka Wed 25-Mar-20 10:36:58

I did my last Supermarket some days ago - white and red wines = check. Tonic water = check.Lemon = check. Gin? Bloody forgot it and it's real g&t weather today.sad

petunia Wed 25-Mar-20 10:40:40

but annsixty....isnt that just, gasp, stockpiling. i would be ostracised if that came out. but on the other hand, keeping a spare, or two is being sensible. why make 3 journeys when you could do it in one?

PamelaJ1 Wed 25-Mar-20 10:45:42

Distilleries here in Australia are using the spirit to make hand sanitizer. I don’t think they are using the real stuff so don’t get too upset.

We are in lockdown in a hotel in Perth. Hope to get. A flight on Sunday. I’m treating you to a photo of our evening meal. They leave it outside the door.

We have decided that alcohol is the only way to deal with both the virus and the brought in food that the hotel is providing.
How Mac+cheese can be so awful is beyond me.

petunia Wed 25-Mar-20 11:19:08

oh pamela, that looks dire. knock back the booze. everything will taste a little better with booze

Happy2b Thu 26-Mar-20 05:07:33

All the best I got out of Perth yesterday So lovely to breathe fresh clean air again here on the farm
And as for Gin I see Shane Warnes gin factory was converted to make hand sanitizer thats being sold to hospitals etc at cost

Pittcity Thu 26-Mar-20 09:00:27

It's for medicinal purposes, so yes.

annsixty Thu 26-Mar-20 09:18:25

I had a Sainsbury’s order delivered yesterday and Schweppes tonic was substituted with Fevertree.
No complaints from me.