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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 26-Mar-20 12:15:27

Hi! A lovely day, weatherwise,.25C, no rain and even warmer to-morrow! I believe your Summertime begins this weekend, so enjoy! We go back the following weekend so confusion will reign trying to work out when to phone; I've had 3.00am calls from people who can't remember time-zones! hmm
"Things" are getting more serious! 3 deaths all of a sudden; they were men in their 70s, although they already had medical problems.
Botanical gardens and Zoo closed. Back-flip on hairdresser restrictions, but still confusion reigns!
"Dole" queues getting longer as more businesses have to shut up shop! sad
Went to the chemist today for prescription renewal and it was like "border control" what with the rules about 1.5 metre separation and only one customer allowed in the shop at a time, but being an elderly gent. I sat on the seat outside (in the sun!) whilst they came out to collect my script and cash then returned with the goods and change! Another perk of "Old Age"! smile
One disturbing feature though! Items on our Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) normally cost us Oldies $6.40 each, regardless of their full cost, but PBS items are running out, so full cost items are substituted sad

Some shops are displaying signs at their check-outs "Card Only" i.e. no cash. I'm sure that rule would be ignored if all you wanted was a Mars bar!

Megs Sorry to read your post on the other thread and I wish you and your husband all the very best. You mentioned your "Diamond"!?
I'm not going back to check; I often find when I leave a thread to check out something, on Google, say, the original has disappeared!
Our Diamond produced cards from no end of political dignitaries, so at least they knew who we were and where we were! hmm
Good Health everyone.

Megs36 Thu 26-Mar-20 13:14:53

Thanks Rufus, We’ve had the best of times, and hoping for a bit more.I believe the Queen sends a card here for sixty years, must make sure she’s got our address.
Spoke to grandson in Sydney a couple of days ago, he and his flat mate had a Monopoly game going and a jig saw!!!
Amazing what things surface 😸. Sounds like you’re going through same as us, however we don’t even put the news on till midday, I think it’s called putting your head in the sand.
All the best. 😷😷