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Blue Badge Query Can anyone advise?

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demi55 Thu 26-Mar-20 13:51:25


Love reading the GN threads probably identify as a "lurker" as so many seem to know each other it can be tad overwhelming to join in. Taking leap of faith today to ask as so many so helpful on threads.
I am registered disabled and have a blue badge which will expire 24th April 2020. Had in my phone calender to get ID photos but with assessment for double disc protrusions orthopaedic surgery variety of test, MRI's, appointments with consultant and barely mobile l lost oportunity to go when Boris announced UK lockdown and all non essential shops to close the evening before day l was planning to pop to local photo shop! Clocks ticking now and not able to renew online without photos to upload. Causing lot if anxiety as usual/normal weekly Sainsbury's delivery is non existent now so am forced to use car an automatic car, which is causing further pain as nerve pain from spine travels down right buttock hip leg foot which l use to accelerate/brake. I live alone my AC and GC are in London and Northampton with DGC ages from 1 to 10 all of us self isolating as advised. I have to go out to try to get food cannot carry much not that there is much available to buy tinned goods heavy. Without blue badge would have to park further maybe queue as now l have seen queues l simply cannot stand sit sleep without agonising pain and May 5th scheduled operation will be cancelled by NHS so far from makjng sensible preparations for post surgery l can barely get to shop and without blue badge to help park as close as possible it will be impossible. Have checked online and nothing about coronavirus and blue badge renewals requiring photos l cannot get. I usually would be better organised but with double disc protrusions/pain very little sleep my organising skills went out of window. Can anyone advise?

FlexibleFriend Thu 26-Mar-20 13:56:47

You can take you're own photo for a blue badge. I always have and never had a problem. so if you have a phone with a camera or a camera you can just take a selfie.

3nanny6 Thu 26-Mar-20 14:01:40

Many of the supermarkets have photo kiosks for the type of photograph you need for blue badge or passport.
My smaller Sainsburys have a kiosk inside the store. My larger Sainsburys have a kiosk inside the store but at the bottom before you get lift or escalator. You may need to check if you have a Sainsburys to see if yours have a kiosk.
Sorry you are in pain and I cannot be more helpful.

demi55 Thu 26-Mar-20 14:04:36

I did not know that. Thank you so much for reply. I wrongly assumed they required specific photo from shop. Wonderful news I do have camera on phone, never done a selfie but will give it a go.

GabriellaG54 Thu 26-Mar-20 14:05:29

Post offices often have photo booths and even my local bus station has two which are available all day as not in enclosed area.
I'm not sure about all post offices being open.
Best to check online before travelling.
As for shopping. There are local schemes to help those with disabilities, elderly or classed as being vulnerable.
Look online, as there are hundreds of them all manned by volunteers who will get your shopping, help in garden and assist in many ways, always with your and their safety in mind.
Good luck 💐

demi55 Thu 26-Mar-20 14:06:51

Yes l did think of supermarkets but couldn't remember which branch had one. Thank you for reply smile

HAZBEEN Thu 26-Mar-20 14:08:21

Why not phone your local council, its possible their phones are still being manned. They may let you use the previous photo on your old blue badge.

trisher Thu 26-Mar-20 14:09:29

Not Blue badge but Sainsbury's have you been classed as vulnerable? They are giving people who have been priority. Also my local Sainsbury's are holding back slots. So if I had wanted I could have booked a delivery yesterday for today, but not for next week. (I know it's weird isn't it)

suziewoozie Thu 26-Mar-20 14:09:55

The first thing I would do is email my local authority and ask for an extension until after things are ‘over’. They have given MOTs an extra six months extension and I’m sure they’ll be amenable If not email your local councillor and ask for their help. Also, isn’t there one of these community groups in your area who would help with your shopping? You shouldn’t be going out in your state you poor thing. That’s another thing you could ask your councillor about.Good luck.

demi55 Thu 26-Mar-20 14:11:42

Yes usually train stations not mine post offices have seen but not sure as l am in zone 5 outskirts of London and cannot travel far but thank you for reply and best wishes. I did sign a link to government UK stating l was vulnerable you have to supply name address email phone and submit. Have had nothing back yet and several days now. Fingers crossed smile

demi55 Thu 26-Mar-20 14:19:28

Had tried Sainsbury telephone line to add l get PIP highest rate mobility but nobody answers plus 3 choices to enquire about an order to get technical help for website or to cancel order. I have thought lots of help in theory but sadly not when you ask. I don't want AC to worry but l have few cans of tomato soup and half loaf of bread left. I do have emergency two meals in freezer houses either side continuous rentals so no idea who even lives in them! Houses here 8 minute walk to central line tube station so often bought and sold. Appreciate reply from all l will try set hours for disabled and try to take a selfie. flowers

demi55 Thu 26-Mar-20 14:22:05

HAZBEEN trisher suziewoozie
Thank you for replies all excellent suggestions and good advice smile

FlexibleFriend Thu 26-Mar-20 14:29:09

I doubt they'd let you use the previous photo, I had one rejected a couple of weeks ago for being too old, I have no clue how they knew it was taken 3 months before so took my own and resubmitted and had it accepted. I was smiling in the resubmission and they said how nice it was to see.

suziewoozie Thu 26-Mar-20 14:42:18

demi I’ve just got in touch with someone I know in the House of Lords who speaks on disability issues about automatic 6 month extensions for Blue Badges. Obvs I didn’t mention GN. I’ll let you know when she gets back to me

Charleygirl5 Thu 26-Mar-20 14:53:07

demi you live in the same zone as I do and larger tube stations have booths- that is if you can crawl up the 50 million stairs.

My large Sainsburys has a booth outside, but taking a selfie sounds a good option. Time is marching on and you need to get your application in asap. In my area they need 3 months.

Good luck.

suziewoozie Thu 26-Mar-20 14:53:43

demi she’s got back to me immediately and she is going to look into it - I’ll keep you updated.

demi55 Thu 26-Mar-20 16:18:14

Flexible Friend Charleygirl5 suziewoozie
Thank you all so much hope to get update on House Of Lords possible extension. Was aware of time limit but when waiting on operation been "limited" since last June 2019 panicking a bit now. Had nobody knock on door to offer help no council advice letters no PIP advice have heard nothing. I know many vulnerable and others far worse off than myself so just trying to get this resolved then focus on food shop asap. Did ask hospital consultant and social services if any crutches available while waiting for operation and was told no. I worry about others in similar situations alone and getting no help. I'm lucky l do have a car so counting my blessings. suziewoozie if you get more news please let me know. Thank you thanks

demi55 Thu 26-Mar-20 16:26:18

Hi Charleygirl5
So true where l am no access to platforms and as you say billion stairs. Impossible I'm struggling in house. 2 months ago asked social services if any help available they sent social worker had 2 hour meeting then sent email to say nothing they can offer me pre or post operation. I have never asked for help before and sent reply querying why they asked me many questions which l answered about AC their locations specific details of operation l supplied hospital and consultant name my GP name address telephone number l signed consent form to allow them to get information and they're response was "talk to ward staff after operation"
Yes booths around our zone but cannot do stairs. Thank you for reply