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Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.

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fatgran57 Mon 30-Mar-20 02:07:34

Read this yesterday and thought how true it is.

Attributed to Robert Brault.

Another which is very relevant especially in the USA

"When the emperor is wearing no clothes, you have to say loud and clear that the emperor is wearing no clothes.
It is not enough to stand on the podium, behind the emperor, looking appalled".

"At the point where hope would otherwise become hopelessness, it becomes faith".

TwiceAsNice Tue 31-Mar-20 16:43:44

Great post Fatgran and I thought you explained it spot on Bradford Lass. Interesting discussion keep going!

Baggs Tue 31-Mar-20 16:41:52

As it happens, I just finished reading Daniel Hannan's book, Inventing Freedom: how the English-speaking peoples made the modern world, this morning.

Baggs Tue 31-Mar-20 16:37:48

Fatgran's quotes were fine. I just picked up and commented on parts that touched chords with me. Quote away, fatgran. I was not attacking you. I was playing with words and ideas.

Which is what you were doing. No?

Grandmafrench Tue 31-Mar-20 12:42:47

A lot of genuine thought here. You put it better franbern - simple faith in our fellow humans, perhaps. The Orange One managed to feature in our lunchtime read of the news : my DH pointed out that he (the O.O.) states that he is now sending aid to Italy. As my DH said, ‘ Orangeade, not much use’. 🤨

janeainsworth Tue 31-Mar-20 12:24:07

Baggs We are a free people. We do not have emperors. We have leaders we can vote out in due course if we don’t like what they do

But sometimes people vote in men or women who are not worthy of office.
I took Fatgran’s quote to mean that it was the duty of others in government (and the voters who voted them in) to call such leaders to account and if necessary to resist.
It’s not enough to just wait for the next election.

John Stuart Mill in 1867: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

Fatgran keep posting smile

Bridgeit Tue 31-Mar-20 12:10:47

[email protected] 07:49
When we place our votes surely we Do have Faith& Hope that our chosen candidate will be successful in securing a win.

Luckygirl Tue 31-Mar-20 10:45:21

Thank you for that Alexa

Nanabanana1 Tue 31-Mar-20 10:45:02

Don`t stop posting Fatgran I enjoy your posts although I very rarely comment.

Alexa Tue 31-Mar-20 10:29:32

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things"

A version of seize the day. I regret not having done so in the past.

The Self-Unseeing

Here is the ancient floor,
Footworn and hollowed and thin,
Here was the former door
Where the dead feet walked in.

She sat here in her chair,
Smiling into the fire;
He who played stood there,
Bowing it higher and higher.

Childlike, I danced in a dream;
Blessings emblazoned that day;
Everything glowed with a gleam;
Yet we were looking away!

Thomas Hardy (1840 – 1928) from Room to Rhyme by Seamus Heaney, University of Dundee, 2004

May7 Tue 31-Mar-20 10:26:08

Sorry, I meant to say I liked the one about the naked Emporer

May7 Tue 31-Mar-20 10:23:54

I like your post too and I think its particularly relevant. I so wished the medical experts at the briefing yesterday had done just that.
Dont feel that you shouldn't stick your head out of that tortoise shell. You opinions matter flowers

Luckygirl Tue 31-Mar-20 09:42:51

I like your thread title. Makes a lot of sense to me.

Franbern Tue 31-Mar-20 09:33:03

Fatgran and Grandmafrench, I have long decribed the orange one as having the '; Roman Emperor syndrome'. Meaning those R. Emps who declared themselves as Divine Gods, etc. He is the modern incarnation of that. Bad enough for the poor people of USA in the best of times, an absolute disaster for them now!!!
Faith.....I would query - but faith in what? A non-existent God - well, she not very pro-active just now is she? Faith in our 'elected' leaders?......pretty much let us all down haven't they? I will go along with simple faith in the majority of human beings - so many lovely wonderful people out there. Can't see what is wrong with us having these philosophical discussions, particularly now when a lot of us have much too much time on our hands each day.
No need for any nastiness - but disagreements can be good and stimulating.

Mapleleaf Tue 31-Mar-20 09:29:47

I liked your post, fatgran57. Thank you. 🙂

Grandmafrench Tue 31-Mar-20 08:42:47

That’s brilliant fatgran. Time and again in our house the Orange One is referred to as the Emperor. I think/hope it takes a certain kind of stupid to swallow the nonsense he spouts (and then retracts) on a daily basis; but assume most of his team either do what they do to hold onto their jobs, or they ‘do a Fauci’ (spelling?) with increasing 🙄 eye rolls! What to do with someone who doesn’t read/listen/learn or take advice?
Second quote - for me, when hope is running out maybe faith is all there is to prevent that from happening. Don’t need to explain that.....and certainly not to you. Suppose Little Emperor Granddad might be able to take over - at least we’d laugh...and laugh. D

Lucca Tue 31-Mar-20 08:29:29

Fatgran. Good for you. I must admit I’m a bit apprehensive about thread starting as you can be on the receiving end of put downs by some head prefect types. Fire away !

fatgran57 Tue 31-Mar-20 08:12:16

Thanks Pikachu I will keep on posting, I have become a bit of a serial thread starter but I know there are a lot more people who are at home at the present time and using gransnet to just have a conversation or some fun - see the "another moan about husbands" thread - -I haven't had such a good laugh for ages and we are all enjoying it so much.

I have quite a few topics for threads so I will probably start another one in a day or sosmile

Pikachu Tue 31-Mar-20 07:48:51

fatgran don’t be bullied into not posting.,

Pikachu Tue 31-Mar-20 07:48:08

fatgran sorry that either fell flat or prey to those who think they are philosophical.

I actually get that and have a clear picture of Trump standing there spouting garbage, while his medical and scientific advisers look on in horror. Free people in the US will die because of that and then ‘bang!’ their ‘freedom’ is worth nought.

fatgran57 Tue 31-Mar-20 07:45:17

Thank you BradfordLass73 and Lucca I felt a bit of a fool for putting them up but thought they were quite good and that other people may have liked them. Won't try this sort of post again smile

I am not religious or prone to quoting these type of things usually so should have kept my head pulled in grin (Australian slang).

Baggs Tue 31-Mar-20 07:39:16

We are a free people. We do not have emperors. We have leaders we can vote out in due course if we don’t like what they do. This doesn’t depend on faith. Nor on hope for that matter.

Lucca Tue 31-Mar-20 07:27:13

Fatgran I enjoyed reading them don’t be put off !

BradfordLass73 Tue 31-Mar-20 07:22:47

At the point where hope would otherwise become hopelessness, it becomes faith

My interpretation of this is that when we run out of hope, all we have left is faith.

We can hope for a solution to a problem but when we can't find it and no one else offers one, then all we can do is have faith that one day, the problem will be solved.

I may be wrong.

NotSpaghetti Mon 30-Mar-20 06:55:39

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.

Seems apposite to me - but the "hope" quote is a bit obtuse at 6.45 for me!

The emperor's clothes - well, you could say 'twas ever thus... but frankly the emperors we have at the moment are naked, have been told so time and time again and simply go on denying it till enough people actually believe them!

fatgran57 Mon 30-Mar-20 06:41:06

Well that fell a little bit flat confused

.Sorry you didn't understand my post wellbeck

Hope others enjoy the quotes, saw them on another bloggers site and thought they were good.