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Easyjet ground ALL flights

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infoman Mon 30-Mar-20 07:39:18

vegansrock Mon 30-Mar-20 07:41:26

Let’s hope we get a refund

BlueBelle Mon 30-Mar-20 07:47:37

At last it needed doing a lot sooner
I have a distant relative just came back from overseas believed he had the virus but went straight out to do the shopping
You couldn’t make it up
I think there will be some big changes airlines will go under Flying will become very expensive in the future

Calendargirl Mon 30-Mar-20 07:52:02

Just read in Saturday’s Telegraph Travel Section that bookings were already coming in for early next year,
People assume that things will be more normal by then, and already planning their hols.

BlueSky Mon 30-Mar-20 08:52:29

Calendargirl I like their optimism! I wonder what happens with travel insurance? I could possibly plan trying to be optimistic but book definitely not!

infoman Mon 30-Mar-20 10:23:44

I had an e-mail asking me to re-book my flight in april with out any admin fees.
I thought if I start trying to change things, I have started the process.
So I didn't.
In the back my head I thought if Easyjet cancel the booking
I would have the upper hand.
The flight is not important and the event was only on the day I was making the flight.
So I presume I will get my money back?