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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 04-Apr-20 06:12:11

Good Morning Everyone,
I am up early again, its starting to get light, and what looks like the start of a nice warm day.
Yesterday, I visited the local Wairose , in the que in front people I actually Knew , so had some conversation.
What was amusing one person, who does seem to understand the rules , had been talking and when the doors opened and people started, he thought he could walk in behind us , but the security told him the back of the que is down there , which he did not like.
having had my prescriptions delivered by one of the managers , today would have seen getting the chemist que to get them.
Maybe a small walk this morning around the block so to speak for about 10 minutes or so , bit of climbing in it as well.

glammagran Sun 05-Apr-20 13:29:12

Susan56 if your GS is developing food allergies it’s possible allergens are being transferred via breast milk from mother’s diet. My youngest daughter had multiple food allergies when young but seems to have outgrown them all except nuts. Wishing Henry a speedy resolution.

Gingster Sat 04-Apr-20 21:45:49

My youngest gd always had tummy pains and colic as a baby and was put on special milk from the hospital. I can’t remember the name but it smelled and tasted like pond water. She got used to it after a while , and was on it for over a year. I know it’s different with allergies, but the hospital will definitely help find the right formula for little gs.

Susan56 Sat 04-Apr-20 12:49:32

Thank you for all your kind messages re Henry.x

Marydoll Sat 04-Apr-20 12:47:02

Susan, I'm so sorry to hear your news. What a worry for you all. My cousin's daughter was exactly the same, down to having to buy specialist washing powder.
I hope your daughter gets all the support she needs ASAP. 💐

Taichinan Sat 04-Apr-20 12:41:41

Well, it's good afternoon everyone I'm afraid - but it was morning when I started to read this lovely thread!! Welcome to another Fifer! I too am a Fifer, but having met my husband at RAF Leuchars I have travelled the world since and am very much lapsed! That DH died many years ago, and DH2 died four years ago and I have settled in north-east Angus now. Anyway, it's wall to wall grey here today so I guess I'll have a lazy day after a busy and productive sunny day yesterday. I definitely get my energy and optimism from the sun, so maybe tomorrow ..... So many of you have so many troubles to bear so I send my usual 💐🦋🦋. Stay safe x

Grammaretto Sat 04-Apr-20 12:37:17

I know a family whose DD was allergic to almost everything, including mother's milk, which I found hard to believe but apparently it really does happen very occasionally. The child was given goats' milk which she could digest and is now a budding lawyer so her early start wasn't a handicap although maybe she is really a kid!

Good luck to Susan56 and your family.

Urmstongran Sat 04-Apr-20 12:12:53

What a worry for you all regarding your baby grandson’s allergies Susan56. I hope one formula milk or another does the trick soon. Each feedtime must be so stressful for your daughter.

gillybob perhaps you can reassure your husband by reminding him it doesn’t matter how many surfaces he touches providing he doesn’t touch his face at all. And 2 hourly hand washing with soap and hot water kills the virus.

Grammaretto Sat 04-Apr-20 11:08:52

Good late morning everyone from the Scottish Borders where it isn't at all sunny or warm whatever that nice weather lady predicted.
We (DH) had that letter today so we are now officially isolating for 12 weeks. Such a sobering and depressing realisation that we may not see our DC and DGC or parents until June, if ever....
Poor you GabriellaG cramp is horrible and always comes like a punishment for exercise which is supposed to be good! Snot fair.
We have managed a whatsapp with one birthday girl today.. She sounded happy though she hasn't been out of the house for 2 weeks. They have a garden at least.

I have asked a neighbour to collect my prescription . He can see the queue for the chemist from his house so can pick a quieter time.
Meanwhile I've been making do with a friend's old packet of antibiotics and gin. I seem to be OK. wink

Have as good a day as possible under the circumstances.

nonnasusie Sat 04-Apr-20 11:08:28

Forgot to say keep well and keep safe everyone. We are lucky as we have a big garden and are in the countryside. We can keep away from everyone unless we have to go to the supermarket! Then we don the masks and gloves!

BladeAnnie Sat 04-Apr-20 10:48:45

Good morning all from a sunny mid-Notts. DOH is planning a gardening day - I might sit outside with my book or knitting. DD collected some shopping yesterday afternoon which I ordered for her with my delivery. Left it under the porch then I spoke to her from the upstairs terrace. Lovely to see her but so sad not to be able to give her and DGD (asleep in the car) a hug sad. Stay safe and may Saturday be kind to us all x

Mapleleaf Sat 04-Apr-20 10:48:15

gilly big hugs to you and yours. 💐

nonnasusie Sat 04-Apr-20 10:47:57

Buongiorno from a sunny Italy. The plumber is here at the moment replacing the tap my DH broke the other day. Fortunately he is a good friend as well as our plumber.
A view of the mountains today!

GrannySomerset Sat 04-Apr-20 10:47:39

Thank you, Maw, for the tip about magnesium. It has helped night cramps enormously though I suppose it could be mind over matter. Interestingly it is worse if I have a glass of wine while cooking supper, so that may be yet another small pleasure gone.

Another day to fill with domestic trivia and, now the wind has dropped and it is a little warmer, some weeding. Who knew what small activities would give pleasure?

dragonfly46 Sat 04-Apr-20 10:46:26

Maple I think every one is baking - I couldn't get flour or eggs in my delivery!

So sorry your gas hob has developed a fault Gilly I do hope you can get it fixed.

Susan that is a worry especially in these times I hope your DD can sort something out.

Cherry I can sympathise. I too discovered that an old friend had died yesterday also from cancer. It is a cruel disease which people have forgotten in the light of Corona!!

Mapleleaf Sat 04-Apr-20 10:31:30

Good morning all,

I haven't read everyone's posts yet, only Micks as I'm late coming to the thread this morning.

It's trying to brighten up a bit now, though the sky is still quite grey.

DH is cutting the front lawn and in a bit I'm going out to plant a few seeds into pots to start them off.

Managed to get most of whatwe needed food wise yesterday, though not flour. I've got some to be going on with, but it's running low.

Hope everyone is managing to keep well, and to anyone feeling down or having a wobble I send you my best wishes.

Take care, folks. 💐

Megs36 Sat 04-Apr-20 10:21:31

Good morning all,
Pleased your news not too bad Dragonfly, Gilly never rains but etc,sorry;Gabriella ouch!
Everyone else keep strong although I really feel s..t today, I miss hugs from son and wife,grandchildren, friend and mostly my husband, now we have to sleep apart. Not seen anyone either for more than three weeks, very quiet in my cul de sac.Whinge over, all together now Happy Days will be here again.☀️☀️☀️

gillybob Sat 04-Apr-20 10:08:51

It’s switched off at the mains EllenVannin , thank you smile My DS has controlling exercises that he is supposed to do but this awful CV is pushing his anxiety to a whole other level.

Susan56 Sat 04-Apr-20 10:08:44

Thank you gilly and Ellan.x
Gilly,you must get the gasmen out,as Ellan says its an emergency.x

EllanVannin Sat 04-Apr-20 10:02:23

Get the gasmen out Gilly, it's urgent because it's a leak. Poor you, it never rains-------though I know the feeling as does my D. x Deep breathing exercises for S it honestly helps.

gillybob Sat 04-Apr-20 10:01:50

Just catching up........

I’m So sorry to hear about your baby grandson Susan you must be very worried. My DGD has quite a few allergies but nowhere near as bad as your poor GS . There are some excellent anti-allergy milk formulas on the market these days which maybe you DD could try ? I don’t know, I’m clutching at straws . I do hope that they can come up with some solution very soon.

Maybelater2020 Sat 04-Apr-20 09:57:25

Good morning from a cloudy Chester. Hope to get some sunshine later. The main decision then will to be to do some gardening or sit in the sunshine and read. I may deliver some books later to a friend in isolation who is running short of books to read. I will leave them on the doorstep and she can put them into isolation for a few days.

After almost three years of being a widow I have become used to living alone but I do miss the regular visits from my family and the hugs, the physical contact. Video calls are good though.

It's good to hear how everyone elvse is coping, we are all in this together.

Kind thoughts to you all.

EllanVannin Sat 04-Apr-20 09:53:52

Susan I hope it works, it did for me and as things improved it was like giving a donkey strawberries so the clinic told me smile x
It was the best formula at the time. She's fit and well and will be 60 next January !

gillybob Sat 04-Apr-20 09:52:22

Good morning from the NE coast where we had a bright and sunny start to whatever day it is today. It clouding over a bit now .

Why is is that when you are close to the bottom someone or something comes and kicks you just to be sure you won’t get up ? Well that’s just how I feel today . Now my gas hob has developed a leak !

So sorry to hear about the horrible pains in your legs Gabriella is it possible you are overdoing the running? Cramps are awful so I’m glad you are feeling better today. Take it easy won’t you ? The Olympics are cancelled for this year you know wink

My DS is a very anxious person to start with GrannyGravy he suffers from high BP and panic attacks so it doesn’t take much to get him all worked up. He spent last night telling me everything he might have touched that the S had touched. I’ve told him quite sternly that he has to stop watching the news and reading all these news flashes or he is going to make himself ill and it will start upsetting the children.

On a happier note I had a FaceTime session with DD and little Evie . We bought a little pink unicorn tent in the end of season sales last year and she put it up for her in their garden (thank god we did that last year) and Evie loves it . I was so happy watching her going in and out with her little babas, buggy, dinosaurs ....everything but the kitchen sink was in there . Bless her hear I miss her so much it hurts .

I do hope everyone is managing to stay well (and sane) during these awful times . Will pop back later and catch up.

Love Gillybob x

CherryCezzy Sat 04-Apr-20 09:48:20

Good morning Mick and everyone from a cloudy morning here in the Gower.
Good to hear the consultant was reassuring dragonfly.
Welcome Busbybag.
I had very unwelcome news late morning yesterday. My friend & neighbour of 18 years lost her fight against cancer. Her daughter rang me with the news, she was so composed on the phone I really had to hold myself together. As soon as our call ended along came the flood. What is so cruel is that I know that as a devout Christian she would have wanted a real church service but of course that is not to be. Our friendship was a funny one in some ways as I, on the other hand, am a convicted atheist. In some ways I will draw strength from that as I remember the amiable and sometimes hysterically funny discussions we had because that is what we did smile
Like so many I will still have my long distance chats with family this weekend and check wink on the two elder DGNs home school work.
A potter round the garden today followed by fishcakes for dinner later. My non artwork is making progress so I may sit outside doing some.
Take care, stay safe everyone ❤️

Auntieflo Sat 04-Apr-20 09:44:18

Good morning Michael, Annie, and all.
At the moment, it is quite grey here, so am looking forward to the sun promised for later.
Had a very strange dream last night, involving a turquoise cat. She was beautiful, and had purloined a tea-towel that she wouldn't give up, biting me in the process!

We are having an on line tutorial from SIL on how to set up and use Zoom for family get togethers. So I had better go and get showered and dressed.
Tomorrow we are having a virtual tea party, and lots looking to join in.
I finished my Spring wreath, that I had been making, and hung it in the front window. I was going to save it for Easter, but nice to use it now.
After supper last night, we finished a bag of M&M's between us. Naughty but very nice.
Our Church buddy, couldn't get any of the small, sweet apples that I like, nor any bread flour, but did get coffee.
I suppose all those with children, are doing lots of baking, which is good.
Love and hugs to all those with problems.
Take care and stay safe one and all.