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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 08-Apr-20 14:54:01

This is getting ridiculous! Another post disappears for no apparent reason, fortunately I wasn't very far into it, but now I"ll do Copy/Paste out of Word./
As I was saying, before that rude interruption, we've had another nice day 25C, no rain!
Easter could be wet which will keep us indoors, but the rain will be like manna from heaven!
The UK death toll seems to be getting worse; a new record every day. Are there any statistics showing the areas affected? For example, New York is the USA epi-centre and we have daily stats showing deaths, new overnight cases ICU cases and recovered cases for each State and Territory. Not good reading! sad

fatgran; what's brought on this urge for lurking? Not a nice word! Like someone lurking in the shadows waiting for some poor soul to make a spelling mistake or voice an opinion, before pouncing.! Nothing we've said I hope.
Of course I know what coming out of one's shell means, but I was being told ("bluntly", being in OZ) to pull my head in ( like a tortoise) I know I have the physog of one, but that's a different issue. Do we have to get someone to keep your seat on the naughty bench warm? hmm

Jane We know you're a "posh" lady and I noticed in the Oldie (March) a reference to an expensive restaurant in Edinburgh; "the Lookout by Gardener's Cottage", Calton Hill.
Presumably it's closed for now, but do you normally dine there each Saturday, say?
I sometimes wonder, never having been there, whether there is any rivalry, friendly of course, between Glasgie and Edinburgh similar to that between Sydney and Melbourne?
Melbourne is the more cultural, of course!
Renowned for its sporting venues!
And Wimbledon off the menu! shock Also all those strawberries and cream! More peripheral damage!
Oh well! Good Health everyone!
Cheers! wine.

Oopsadaisy3 Wed 08-Apr-20 15:56:52

Hi Rufus, it’s a beautiful Spring Day here today, you could be forgiven for forgetting why we are all able to sit and enjoy it.
My SILs parents came from Glasgow and Edinburgh, both hated the others city of birth, they both wanted to go back to Scotland to live, but as they couldn’t agree on where to go they stayed down South. So I would think there is a rivalry, as there is with most places and Football teams of course.
Yes all sport is off, for the foreseeable future, let’s hope all of the athletes can keep their fitness levels up, unlike me, sitting with a cuppa and a slice of cake, but I did cut the lawn this morning.......
Have a good day!