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What a weird Easter

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Craftycat Mon 13-Apr-20 10:04:57

No family coming round to create havoc & all sitting round for a family meal for 12.
No havoc- kids playing & having a wonderful time as Grandma has very few boundaries.
What we got was temperature into the 70s, a 'gathering' in our street where we all stood well apart & drank out own wine while talking loudly to each other.
I woke up today deflated & then remembered!!
Killing Eve is being streamed from 6am!!!
Turn off the phones, make a huge flask of coffee & turn on TV.
Can't wait= here we go.....

Oopsminty Mon 13-Apr-20 10:08:42

Oh yes, Craftycat! I am so excited about Killing Eve!

We're hanging on until this evening


Calendargirl Mon 13-Apr-20 10:38:08

I upset a mug of cocoa in the microwave last night. Spilled all over, microwave, worktop, cupboard doors, floor.

Cleaned up as best we could last night, after I had said some naughty words because I was missing Good Karma Hospital, and all my own fault.

So today, Easter Monday, DH has been removing kitchen cupboard bottom panels, hoovering and cleaning the floor well, not been done for ages.

I am going to clean the oven well, and scrub the kitchen floor tiles, a job I do periodically.

So yes, a strange Easter in more ways than one,

paddyanne Mon 13-Apr-20 10:47:03

We had a lovely Easter wedding to be photographed ,the first Easter where we haven't worked in decades.We pottered in the garden to some great music .I cooked a roast lamb and made trifle opened a very nice bottle of red and sat chatting until 2am .Videos of the GC sent by their parents were ovely and we opened the wee parcel from DD's children as instructed.We got an emergency hug....a small disc that they had made saying whenever you need a hug look at this and a lovely wee poem telling us that they miss us too.I'll stay in until Christmas if it means we all come through this safe an well ,theres too much to live for to risk CV. Have a lovely day and Stay Safe x