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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 15-Apr-20 15:03:24

Another nice day, weatherwise, "Down Under"! 23C, no rain, but that's about to change tomorrow! Indoor weather!
Megs Very interested in your ZOOM reference. How do find it? I'm still procrastinating 'cos I believe it needs Win10 whereas this PC is Win7, but I'll get there before this lockdown is unlocked, I hope!
Looking at other threads, there is plenty of heat being generated over the lockdown and its belated start-up!
Fortunately, as I've said before, OZ was on to it very promptly as our stats seem to confirm!
We had our first case of an "arrogant" transgressor of Quarantine rules being sentenced to prison; a 35 year old Perth man copped 30 days (should have been much longer!) plus a hefty fine. So instead of being holed up in a hotel he's holed up in a prison cell; apparently he wanted to see his girl friend! Dear oh dear!. hmm
Term 2 started today after the Easter hols. with the predicted confusion over whether schools reopen for classes or on-line at home studies should take preference.
We have the usual political tussle between the Fed. Govt. (Liberal) and VIC (Labour) pulling in different ways
We should forget any ideas of becoming a Republic and cut straight to a dictator! Then things would get done in a timely manner! grin.
Must Go!
Good Health wine

Megs36 Wed 15-Apr-20 16:51:23

HelloRufus, just a quickie about lap top is Win. 10 but embarrassed to admit I hardly switch it on, do everything on i pad now and my grandson talked the old girl through it on Sunday!👨‍🎓 I’d like to say I understood it but durghhh.
You seem very pooter savvy So I’m sure you’ll master it, I believe you find the App first then off you go, ‘Simple grandma’ I’m told.....
As to arrest for not keeping to the rules, serves him right, not sure if that’s happened here yet.
Afraid we are very boring, my husband is shielded and me too really so we’ve not been out for four week since his ambulance ride to hospital , thank goodness he is recovering and don’t want to take any chances.
Keep well STAY IN. God save the 👑👑!!!!!