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I broke the lockdown rules .....big time

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vampirequeen Sun 19-Apr-20 11:08:33

But I have an excuse.

Yesterday tea time I heard a smoke alarm go off (not ours). I didn't think much of it at first because of the time of day and I just assumed someone was cooking bacon. However it didn't stop so after a few minutes I went outside to see if I could work out where it was coming from. It turned out to be the flat above mine. I phoned but there was no reply. So I went and knocked on her door. Still no reply. I tried the door and it was unlocked. I called her name but was met by silence. My neighbour hasn't been well lately and has been on lots of different medicines. The latest batch were making her feel dizzy. I was worried that she might have passed out. I could smell the smoke by this time so I went inside. The flat was full of smoke. I checked but she wasn't there. The smoke was coming out of the kitchen. Sure enough the oven was on and the smoke was pouring out of it. I switched off the oven and opened all the windows in the flat. At that point my neighbour returned. She'd been to walk the dogs and had put her tea in the oven to cook whilst she was out. It cooked and cooked until it was charcoal. Fortunately, apart from the smoke which was now pouring out of the open windows, no harm was done. It was only when I was back home that I realised I'd broken lockdown completely. Not only had I gone into someone else's home but we'd been less that 2m apart.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 19-Apr-20 11:11:12

Vampirequeen I think you acted on your gut instinct and very admirable in my opinion. As long as you washed your hands when you got back to your flat all should be ok.

Septimia Sun 19-Apr-20 11:12:22

I can't think of a better excuse than that someone's life might have been in immediate danger.

It just shows that human kindness and common sense prevail even in these difficult times.

Beechnut Sun 19-Apr-20 11:13:51

A good excuse Vampirequeen. The situation could have been very different.

MerylStreep Sun 19-Apr-20 11:14:33

My OH had to break the rules. My neighbour came to my door absolutely petrified. She had a rat in her lounge. OH to the rescue to get the little critter out.

vampirequeen Sun 19-Apr-20 11:25:01

A rat! My goodness. An excellent reason to break the rules.

Teetime Sun 19-Apr-20 11:26:48

Thank goodness you did vampirequeen!

EllanVannin Sun 19-Apr-20 11:30:03

I'd have done exactly the same Vampirequeen.

EllanVannin Sun 19-Apr-20 11:35:37

In fact, where I am there are two ground floor flats leading off the garden and occasionally I've " sneaked " to look in the window to make sure an elderly gentleman is alright as he's prone to falling and who would know if he was on the floor without looking ?

sodapop Sun 19-Apr-20 12:06:25

Well done vampirequeen putting the safety of others above rules is the right thing to do.

MerylStreep your husband deserves a medal, your neighbour must have bern scared, I hate rats with a vengeance .

GabriellaG54 Sun 19-Apr-20 15:48:38

That's what good neighbours do ..well done vampirequeen 💐
It doesn't bear thinking about if you hadn't put common sense before isolation rules.
It comes down to using your best judgement when we think something is amiss.

GillT57 Sun 19-Apr-20 15:53:08

Well done on using sensible judgement.

AGAA4 Sun 19-Apr-20 16:02:52

I think this comes under leaving your home for safety reasons,
which is not breaking lockdown.
Nobody could expect you to stay in your flat if you feared for your own or someone else's life.
Your neighbour is lucky to have you looking out for her, vampirequeen.

bikergran Sun 19-Apr-20 17:37:12

I read Rats were trying to enter peoples homes for food as all the eating places are closed,not as much scraps/food about.Also said they will eat each other for food!

MerylStreep Sun 19-Apr-20 17:47:31

That true. We know where he came from. The park near us has a big pond. Lots of people fed the ducks ( so therefore the rats by default) but it's now shut so they're looking further afield.
Strangely enough I've seen my 'pet' fox a couple of times recently with a rat in his month. So things are getting tough for him.
I'm ok with rats. I've had a couple as pets.

whywhywhy Sun 19-Apr-20 18:20:16

It's our human nature to help others. You did nothing wrong in fact I applaud you. Stay safe and sane. X

Barmeyoldbat Sun 19-Apr-20 18:47:45

I also broke the rules big time today. I had a call from daughter saying she was having problems with her medication, she didn't have enough Tfried sorting it over the phone but no good. So I said to Mr B I will drive over today, 110 miles round trip and see what the problem is. When I go there the paramedics were also there. Seemed she had decided to get in touch with the Life Line people and tell them the problem, only thing was she pressed the button and they couldn't get back to her via the phone as it wasn't working. So they sent the paramedics in full virus kit. Any way spent part of the day crawling around on the floor trying to work out with lead was out. Sorted the phone. Then I had to sit and count all her tablets and work out if she had enough to last until the 27th. as they had been sent in boxed instead of the tablet box she usually. Turned out she didn't have enough because she had been over dosing on one of them.. Thankfully without much of a side effect. Sorted tablets. Now I will have to sort out her Pharmacy. Home now everything wiped down and clothes in wash and had a shower. At least it was a fast journey due to lack of cars. So I know just how you feel but what else could you or me have done.

vampirequeen Sun 19-Apr-20 19:13:49

What else could you do? Your DD was in desperate need of help.

Grammaretto Sun 19-Apr-20 19:28:20

You became instant key, frontline workers Vampirequeen and Barmeyoldbat and well done to you both.
You had no alternative.
How lucky were the people you saved.

maddyone Sun 19-Apr-20 19:31:00

vampirequeen and barmeyoldbat

You both did the right thing. I don’t think I’d like to live in a society where everyone was so determined to follow the rules that they’d overlook neighbourly or family caring.