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Online Security. Something to check while stuck at home.

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CleoPanda Mon 20-Apr-20 11:40:34

Something to do while stuck at home?
I’ve just been reading a thread about receiving scam emails saying the sender has access to all their passwords etc etc.
It’s a well known and well used scam.
Usually the sender has bought hacked email and password combinations from a website breach. They do not have “all your” passwords unless you use the same combination for several sites.
While you have the time, why not check your online accounts and make sure you are not using the same passwords.
1/ ALWAYS use different passwords for every site you sign up to.
2/ NEVER use the same password for banking or financial sites. Or for any site where you have credit card or banking info stored.
3/ FORWARD the scam emails to [email protected] (this is Action Fraud & enables the police to investigate & take down the fake websites etc)
4/ CHECK this site to see if your email has been stolen as part of a website breach/ hack. - (Most email addresses have!) if your email address is out in the public domain, it’s more likely that you’ll receive spam/scam emails. If the hackers also got your password, it’s really important to ensure you’re using different passwords for all your online sites.

GabriellaG54 Mon 20-Apr-20 12:01:13

Yes, had 3 of those emails telling me to send thousands otherwise they'll send videos I've taken of myself to a random 10 contacts on my list. Funny that they have out a 'bug' on my laptop, a device not used for 5/6 years.
Anyway, I forwarded them to the appropriate pnn address but I will be updating my passwords some time this week.
Thanks for reminder.

Janal1 Mon 20-Apr-20 15:47:01

I had two phone calls last week and one this morning all saying my internet security has been hacked and £99-99 will be taken out of my account for an Amazon Prime membership.
Has anyone else had these calls?

CleoPanda Mon 20-Apr-20 16:10:35

Yes, used to get them every week. Kept blocking numbers and reporting them to BT. Haven’t had one for a month. Also had several re £600 taken fraudulently from “your card” or “your bank”. It’s always £600 and usually a weird American accent.

Missedout Tue 21-Apr-20 15:50:01

The first thing I would do if I was worried about someone having gained access would be to check my online bank accounts from a different device.