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Some thank yous............[smi le]

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DanniRae Wed 22-Apr-20 13:45:04

Thank you to the Gransnetters who discussed hay fever and allergies recently because I realised that my uncomfortable eyes every evening could be helped with antihistamine tablets......and they were.
Thank you to the Gransnetter who recommended bags of frozen mash potatoes........I tried them and they are excellent!
Finally thank you to the person who started the thread on blood groups .........I read it with interest and when I was doing a family quiz online last night it meant I was able to name the 4 main blood groups. This meant that I got at least one question right!

DanniRae Wed 22-Apr-20 13:47:29

(Why does the "yous" in thank yous look wrong? If it is I have no idea how to spell it correctly) hmm

Callistemon Wed 22-Apr-20 14:32:35

I am pleased!
Gransnetters can be so helpful.

You didn't put the bags of frozen mashed potatoes on your eyes, though, did you? wink

I 've just remembered the name of the eye drops that DD uses and they are Opticrom, I'm not sure if they are available off prescription.

GabriellaG54 Wed 22-Apr-20 15:31:39

That's the correct spelling of yous when written in conjunction with the prefix 'thank'. Some idiots think it has an apostrophe.
Some people say and write 'yous' or 'youse' instead of 'you'.
Eg: 'Are youse/yous goin' the pub?
I'll make no further comment about that.