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Feel good films

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Oldwoman70 Thu 23-Apr-20 09:17:00

After watching and listening to news all day I was left feeling quite down so last night I watched "Singing in the Rain" - and it really lifted my mood. Yes I know it's hokum but feel good hokum. I now plan to watch a feel good film every night - any recommendations?

Septimia Thu 23-Apr-20 09:36:44

I can understand that 'Singing the the Rain' would be cheering. I don't often watch films but I do like the Ealing comedies. I watched 'Whiskey Galore' the other night - great escapism.

annodomini Thu 23-Apr-20 09:45:04

Local Hero is brilliant. A cast of local characters; Denis Lawson, manipulating events; lovely beach in West of Scotland. Definitely 'feel good'.