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Stupid Questions by journalists

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Anniebach Mon 27-Apr-20 13:50:30

Sky reporter to a MP going to No 10 this morning -

‘Are you pleased to have the PM back ? ‘

Sussexborn Mon 27-Apr-20 14:01:54

It makes a change from “give us a definitive date for the end of lockdown”. Some have been asking that from Day 1.

The single question that ends up in five convoluted questions most of which are unanswerable and only time will tell.

Given up on them and just try to check if there are any new guidelines that I should know.

parkersheen Mon 27-Apr-20 14:10:41

Same here @Sussexborn. At first it was interesting to hear the updates and what we should be doing. Now it's just a handful of journalists asking the same unanswerable questions in inventive different ways!