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are you welcoming the rain today

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travelsafar Tue 28-Apr-20 10:44:31

So pleased we have some rain today. It is a gentle fall not the kind which bounces back up from the paths. It will do the garden the world of good and refresh everything, including weeds unfortunately, but we needed it. I only said yesterday that i had noticed large cracks forming at the edges of our lawns so hopefully the rain will refresh the lawn and help rejuvenate the soil. The birds are loving it, they are preening and splashing in my bird bath. smile

Jabberwok Tue 28-Apr-20 19:03:31

I'm really pleased to see the rain, but not ALL day nonstop!!!!

SalsaQueen Tue 28-Apr-20 19:01:42

I'm glad I did 3 loads of washing and got it dry yesterday........

the birds here have been splashing about in the birdbath. I love seeing them do that. My bulbs in the garden are being watered without me having to go and do it.

harrigran Tue 28-Apr-20 18:59:07

No rain in the NE but too cool to be outside, more like February weather.

Redhead56 Tue 28-Apr-20 18:33:41

I have enjoyed tending the veg patch sewing seeds feeding the birds getting out of the house. Having lunch and a little cider in the garden has been lovely. The rain means sitting indoors listening to BBC news or Radio Merseyside my husband has on while making models. We usually have long miserable winters we need the sun to brighten everything up. My freckles have joined up so I now have a tan I never have a tan. Now my hair has gone really light with the constant sunshine. My family won't recognise me when they see me when lock down ends. Our son has three year old twins and our daughter has a toddler it's been a pleasure getting videos of them playing in their gardens. Everyone benefits being able to go out on a sunny day. My heart goes out to people especially families with no outside space. Bring on the sunshine it maybe all we have to look forward to this year.

farview Tue 28-Apr-20 17:05:11

Raining here birds are loving it and the farmland is full of crows and starlings...all pecking at the ground...probably because insects are stirring..oh heck dont need to get the hose pipe out later..probably just have to sit down then with a glass of wine 😊

Missfoodlove Tue 28-Apr-20 16:52:39

No rain here yet. The garden is screaming for it.

Puzzler61 Tue 28-Apr-20 16:33:38

Photo was yesterday when sun was shining. Too wet to go up the garden today.

Puzzler61 Tue 28-Apr-20 16:32:43

Raining in Worcs most of today but I love this country because of the variety of weather so a little rain is welcome (just no more floods please). We’ve been out in the garden doing so much - now it’s nice to admire it from indoors.
The Hawthorn trees are blossoming (dark pink) and the clematis looks very happy as it winds it way around trellis along the top of the fence.

Callistemon Tue 28-Apr-20 16:21:44

It's rained for most of the day.
My strawberry plants have really perked up smile

Everywhere looks fresher but it can stop now.

BBbevan Tue 28-Apr-20 16:17:16

It has been raining constantly all day, so no gardening. DH and I have lit the fire and we have been enjoying doing a jigsaw together. He has just volunteered to make dinner. It is stir fry so not much to go wrong there. A lovely peaceful day, and all the water butts are filling up

GabriellaG54 Tue 28-Apr-20 15:47:29

Not really but it saves me filling the watering-can.
It's stopped here now but might resume later. It certainly looks a bit misty.
My thermostat is showing 19c as the indoor temperature.

farview Tue 28-Apr-20 15:24:02

No rain here the 30mins watering though in the evening..

AGAA4 Tue 28-Apr-20 14:19:19

Most of April has been sunny so I am quite happy to see the rain today.

MaizieD Tue 28-Apr-20 14:16:58

What rain?

My garden and hay field are gasping for moisture. No rain here in the NE.

Hetty58 Tue 28-Apr-20 14:13:55

I like it when the weather changes. We had dry sunny days for so long. Today, lovely fresh air and I don't have to water the garden!

blondenana Tue 28-Apr-20 14:08:14

No rain here,and i was expecting a deluge from the forecast,
At 6-30 this morning blue sky and sunshine, then a bit overcast,but a bit brighter now, but chilly

Teetime Tue 28-Apr-20 14:00:38

Its been raining here all day after a week or so of lovely weather so I suppose its time. I hear the golf course was needing it and we are hoping to be back there soon- ideal for social distancing - DH plays left handed which means I hardly ever see him emerge from the woods and the rough. grin

MamaCaz Tue 28-Apr-20 13:54:51

It's really lovely to have the rain for the day - but I hope it doesn't over stay its welcome! grin

grandMattie Tue 28-Apr-20 13:47:46

Yes, what we’ve had of it. We seem to miss most of the rain in our part of E Kent.
DS2 who lives on the north of the county has had tons of it, all night and all day.

Maybellex Tue 28-Apr-20 13:47:22

Love the rain as I’ve developed a cough and tight chest from barbecue smoke - only a tiny bit I’m not someone who has coughs, I don’t have asthma and not been out. Will be digging in the garden and dancing in the rain

MiniMoon Tue 28-Apr-20 13:45:02

I would be if we were having any. There is no rain in this part of Northumberland. It is forecast, but there is no sign of it yet.
The poor garden is crying out for some rain.

BlueSky Tue 28-Apr-20 12:52:53

Not really I know we can't go far but it makes it even more depressing.

Alexa Tue 28-Apr-20 12:51:10

Yes, I am and I must get out and scatter the grass seeds I already bought.

Oopsminty Tue 28-Apr-20 12:50:45

I miss the sun.

Rain is great for the garden but I'm thinking selfishly here

We've been sitting in the garden and it makes such a difference than being indoors.

So maybe a day of rain then I'd like sunshine all day, every day

Not that that's likely to happen!

tanith Tue 28-Apr-20 12:48:58

Been raining since the early hours but it let up enough for me to take my daily walk. The garden is appreciative but one or two days rain will be enough thankyou.