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New member - hello :-)

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Serendipity22 Wed 29-Apr-20 10:31:33

Just joined your fabulous interesting group, I'm sat with my morning cuppa and saying Good morning everyone...... smile

vampirequeen Wed 29-Apr-20 10:32:28

Good morning Serendipty22. Nice to meet you.

lemongrove Wed 29-Apr-20 10:34:21

Welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it.😃

gillybob Wed 29-Apr-20 10:34:58

Good morning to you too Serendipity22 why not join us on the Good Morning thread . Kindly opened early every morning by our very own Michael12 ?

H1954 Wed 29-Apr-20 10:35:55

Good morning Serendipity22 and welcome to GN. I have been a member for around 18 months, had some great supportive comments, a few a little hostile (I ignore those!! Lol) and bagged myself two lovely pen pals!

gillybob Wed 29-Apr-20 10:36:51

Oops sorry I meant 12Michael I thought it didn’t look right somehow . smile

Serendipity22 Wed 29-Apr-20 10:37:24

Ohhh I will, well, i actually saw that before i joined up this morning and now i cant find it ! Haaaa .... it's a minefield ( i will find my way around soon enough haaa )

Serendipity22 Wed 29-Apr-20 10:39:28

Good morning smile

Serendipity22 Wed 29-Apr-20 10:42:21

Ohhh just seen this about the Good Morning thread.. posted by 12Michael.... I will go onto it now ( how lovely.... very welcoming)

GabriellaG54 Wed 29-Apr-20 10:46:51

Hi Serendipity22
Welcome to GN 💐

Alishka Wed 29-Apr-20 11:37:26

Hello from mesmile I'm new here since self-isolation cos I've got health ishoos. Nice place,this. Enjoy!

Roses Wed 29-Apr-20 11:43:59

Hi Serendipity 22 welcome

sodapop Wed 29-Apr-20 13:10:33

Hi Serendipity22 welcome to GN. Love your user name

Alishka Wed 29-Apr-20 13:36:36

I love your user name too!
Mine's the name of a russian blue cat I had, given to her by the breeder.I presume they thought it was suitably Russian?
Our last cat, tho, a moggy we found in the street, had a 'house name' of PissQuick. Go figure!grin

SueDonim Wed 29-Apr-20 14:07:36

Hello, Serendipity22! smile

Alishka I have two rescue Russian Blue cats. They’re the soppiest creatures ever. ❤️❤️

H1954 Wed 29-Apr-20 16:36:21

Random, I know but didn't there used to be a TV programme years ago called Serendipity? No offence intended by the way! I just seem to remember the name from somewhere.

Alishka Thu 30-Apr-20 20:21:56

Oh, aren't they just!,*Sue*smile Gentle,too.Lovely breed...

BradfordLass73 Fri 01-May-20 00:15:30

And a warm welcome from me too - to both of you grin

BlueBelle Fri 01-May-20 05:41:36

Good morning serendipy and welcome to Gransnet