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Boris' barnet

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NfkDumpling Thu 30-Apr-20 17:08:01

Is it my imagination or is Mr Johnson's carefully arranged windswept look craftily covering up a little bit of thinning on top? There seems to be a bit of a comb over there!

NfkDumpling Thu 30-Apr-20 17:08:41

I should be concentrating on what he has to say shouldn't I.

SueDonim Thu 30-Apr-20 17:10:48

I did take a second look, I must admit!

He was quite breathless to begin with, I thought, and his suit & shirt are hanging off him.

DiscoGran Thu 30-Apr-20 17:13:21

I saw a pic of him today, and thought his hair looked much neater than usual. Perhaps Carrie has had a go at sorting him out. ✂️

SueDonim Thu 30-Apr-20 17:23:19

It’s looking more ruffled now! confused

Whitewavemark2 Thu 30-Apr-20 17:23:37

I think he still looks proper poorly.

EllanVannin Thu 30-Apr-20 17:26:28

The man isn't well at all and he's going to have to watch himself as he'll still be run down. It's not something that you can easily snap out of like a head cold.

Harris27 Thu 30-Apr-20 17:27:29

I think he looks fine and quite ready to go.

NfkDumpling Thu 30-Apr-20 17:30:10

He looks trimmer (weight wise). I agree WW he does still look poorly. Bet he goes upstairs for a nap after this!

Oh, gosh I just looked up and Robert Peston's head was filling the whole screen. Thank goodness we don't have one of those really big tellies. I wish he'd lean back - I can't cope with him twice as large as life!

merlotgran Thu 30-Apr-20 17:37:03

Oh No, Boris. We don't want you looking like Arthur Scargill. shock

NanKate Thu 30-Apr-20 17:41:31

Did any of you see the great paintings of Chris Whitty on the Grayson Perry programme ?

I like Boris’s tousled hair.

Pantglas2 Thu 30-Apr-20 17:42:31

Going by his dad, Stanley, he’s unlikely to go bald is he? I think Boris likes cultivating the ‘Just William’ look and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had a gobstopper, a few conkers, and a pet mouse about his person!

SalsaQueen Thu 30-Apr-20 17:46:26

I know his hair is a bit windswept (perhaps it's like mine - fine and flyaway), but I couldn't care less. It could be green, for all I care. What matters to me is that he's leading the country and appears to be doing well.

Harris27 Thu 30-Apr-20 17:49:31

Love that pantglas2 !

NfkDumpling Thu 30-Apr-20 18:08:20

grin *pantglas2. I shall look at him in a new light now.

Sparklefizz Thu 30-Apr-20 18:08:40

He did seem breathless at the start just from the exertion of walking to the podium.

EllanVannin Thu 30-Apr-20 18:20:54

Being breathless alone takes it out of you and that will last a while yet, so no, he isn't fully recovered.

Calendargirl Thu 30-Apr-20 18:53:44

I thought his hair looked ‘neater’, but also didn’t seem so much of it. And yes, he looks trimmer, but better for it.
He was probably quite nervous doing his first briefing again, which may have made him breathless. Must be daunting facing the country again after his illness, new baby, the continuing virus to deal with, idiotic journalists....

SirChenjin Thu 30-Apr-20 19:22:39

He’s been an idiotic journalist so he knows the score.

He looks tired and worn out as you would expect and certainly not leading as such - but I’m sure we’ll make allowances.

farview Thu 30-Apr-20 19:30:59 it!!!

Alishka Fri 01-May-20 12:03:13

His previously 'tousled hair' look certainly wasn't in evidence.