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NEXT confirms store re-opening and clearance sale

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TrendyNannie6 Fri 01-May-20 12:18:00

Reading today online that NEXT has revealed plans to re-open and del the biggest sale yet could be on the horizon, once the government restrictions are relaxed , now I love a sale as much as the next (excuse the pun) person, but even if I could go out walking which I’m having to self isolate. High Risk! I wouldn’t be going to shop in a sale, I presume they will be trying to keep everyone at safe distance, but how on earth will that work. If you have ever been to a next sale, they are pushing shoving things falling on the floor, utter chaos, Are people really going to be going out and risk it, all for the sake of saving a few pounds

EllanVannin Fri 01-May-20 12:29:20

Online ?

vampirequeen Fri 01-May-20 17:04:59

I think Next are being irresponsible but that's capitalism for you.