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Rufus2 Tue 05-May-20 12:35:45

Hi! Everyone. What a lovely Autumn day today. Horizon to horizon blue sky, 20C and a balmy breeze! Ideal lockdown weather whilst I lounge on the back patio in the sun, with book in hand, glass of vino near the other and waiting for meals on wheels delivery! Give me "Old Age" anytime.
Everyone (nearly!), can't do enough for me! grin
Which reminds me; another birthday looms; a contemporary card arrived picturing a red corona virus with caption "Happy Birthday. Next Year You'll Get a Real Hug!" I wonder who could have sent that? Not nurse Jacqui, although they obviously have my birth date in their data base! sad Being an old softy and having got over Humphrey and Ingrid's tearful parting in Casablanca, I'm now re-living My Fair Lady with Prof. H and Eliza! Oh Dear! sad
Even sadder; a Melbourne meat processing factory (abattoir) has been placed into quarantine because of many Corvid19 cases. So far as I know, no alarmists have stepped forward to claim a link between animal products and the virus. Our attention is being concentrated by each State on the vast number of tests being carried out, with Victoria heading the table, but a nursing home in W.Sydney is also grabbing headlines with an astonishing number of cases and deaths. As they keep reminding us, the elderly are the most vulnerable. I've lost track of how many weeks I've been locked in (down?), 5, 6, 7.!? and I'll miss out on a birthday party! sad
My Aged Care facility which also organises Home Care packages has posted out 19 A4 pages of pictures for colouring in with a box of colour crayons. To keep our minds active! during this crisis; hmmI'll have to break away from installing Zoom and fixing my scrolling mouse, but this exercise may be just what the doctor ordered for mental therapy! At least he might if I ever see him again. It's verboten to show up at the surgery and I'm pretty sure he isn't doing home visits
Phone chat (only 2 hours!) with my neice , a nurse working in hospital, mainly with elderly patients in Devon, she explained how many gloves they get through in a shift.!
I suppose the NHS has fairly deep pockets and quite right too in the cicumstances! hmm
Think I'll call it quits before this post suddenly disappears. grin
Good health wine wine wine

Megs36 Tue 05-May-20 12:57:30

Hi Rufus, glad you are making the most of things, the only way to go πŸ€—There are still many posters who seem to be having really tough times, but then not too many are escaping some hardships are there.? I guess some can cope and try not to appear worse than everyone else and some just keep quiet. My sympathy to everyone finding nothing going right; at least where I am the sun is shining again today.
Cheers all, KEEP WELL STAY IN.

Jane10 Tue 05-May-20 13:23:04

Another beautiful day here in Scotland. The trees are shaking out their bright new leaves and the woods next to us are full of bluebells. It feels like nature is apologising for coming up with this virus!
I wonder who first thought, 'I know, I'll eat this bat.' whoever it was I wish they hadn't!
I went out for the weekly big shop today. Somehow it felt more relaxed. Maybe I've just got used to it. A friendly checkout lady was telling me that she didn't like the new perspex screens they've installed round her. Apparently, they wobble and ripple so she feels seasick by the end of the shift. An unexpected occupational hazard but well worth it I'm sure.
Some inconsiderate shoppers noticeable. Ones that come in pairs and stop to discuss purchases. Only 30 allowed in at a time so if 2 come together it means an extra wait in the queue for someone else to get in. Of course, I'm fairly easily riled!
Happy birthday auld yin!

rafichagran Tue 05-May-20 13:40:27

Happy Birthday Rufus. Lovely day here in greater London. Went out today to buy some face masks. Oh the joy.

Jane10 Tue 05-May-20 14:39:38

Where did you get them rafichagran?

Callistemon Tue 05-May-20 15:18:00

Happy birthday Rufus rather belated wishes now but better late than never (better never late):
What age now, or shouldn't we ask?

I heard that some states are easing lockdown, but from your account they should perhaps not.

Stay sade

Callistemon Tue 05-May-20 15:18:31

Or safe, even better!!

GrannyGravy13 Tue 05-May-20 15:49:25

Happy Birthday Rufus πŸŽ‚πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸŽˆπŸŽ

BlueSky Tue 05-May-20 16:34:03

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Rufus! Happy birthday to youuu! πŸŽ‚πŸΎπŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

felice Tue 05-May-20 16:45:57

Happy birthday from sunny Brussels, went for a walk and some shopping with DGS this afternoon, his Mum is also working now, in the local corner shop.
We live in a nice area of the city, well we think so, and one street near us has a sort of village atmosphere, lots of Delis, takeaways and ,,,,,the Ice Cream shop has re-opened, there was a very long line of adults and children this afternoon.
Orange sorbet cones for us, wish I could send you one.
Stay safewine

Megs36 Tue 05-May-20 16:49:20

I forgot to add my greetings too Rufus, Many Happy Returns

rafichagran Tue 05-May-20 21:46:33

Jane I got the masks from Lloyd's chemist, which is in our large Sainsburys.

Jane10 Wed 06-May-20 10:42:25

Thanks rafichagran.