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For all those having trouble remembering what day it is.........

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phoenix Thu 07-May-20 14:44:58

Just to add to the confusion, tomorrow is May Bank Holiday Monday confusedgrin

kittylester Thu 07-May-20 14:52:56

And, to add to confusion, my butcher is having Bank Holiday Friday next Monday!

Alima Thu 07-May-20 14:53:40

Ha, can’t fool me! Tomorrow is Friday and my birthday. (No point in bank holidays now).

SueDonim Thu 07-May-20 14:55:02

That’ll be a change! It’s been Thursday all week for me. 🤣

phoenix Thu 07-May-20 14:56:56

Happy birthday for tomorrow, Alima flowers

Jane10 Thu 07-May-20 15:09:40

A holiday from what though? 🙁

MamaCaz Thu 07-May-20 15:19:23

I didn't realize last weekend wasn't a bank holiday until the Monday teatime, when DS2 put me right.
My calendar must have been printed before the change was announced, because it too thought the bank holiday was last weekend, and doesn't say anything about tomorrow's holiday!

As I am between fortnightly shops right now, that means we have no treats of any description left for this weekend. sad

Artdecogran Thu 07-May-20 15:25:43

Yep there was a change in dates after all the calendars and diaries were printed. I got a magnificent diary for a pound instead of £14.99 because of the date error.

Puzzler61 Thu 07-May-20 15:31:07

I’ll know it’s Bank Holiday when there’s a smell of barbecues in the air.
If it’s dry and sunny DH will light up ours and we’ll follow suit.

Puzzler61 Thu 07-May-20 15:31:59

Early Happy Birthday Alima 🎈

Charleygirl5 Thu 07-May-20 15:54:52

Oh dear, I thought last weekend was the BH and ordered my prescriptions accordingly. So it is definitely this weekend?

AGAA4 Thu 07-May-20 16:10:14

It is to celebrate VE day tomorrow (Friday) and was changed from last Monday.
All very confusing.

Alishka Thu 07-May-20 20:14:43

And Happy Birthday Alima. One way or another it's going to be a memorable onewinkwinecupcakeflowers

Mamissimo Thu 07-May-20 20:49:37

Isn’t it Blurday?

phoenix Thu 07-May-20 21:13:28

Love that, Mamissimo I think "Blurday" should be recognised as an official day.grin

lemongrove Thu 07-May-20 21:51:51

Does anyone still look in their desk diaries to see what plans they have?😄
The only things we now have in it are the times of our shopping deliveries and a reminder to put the bins out.

GabriellaG54 Thu 07-May-20 22:45:19

Ah ha...☺️ That's why I had a Sainsos delivery today and one booked for the 24th.

GabriellaG54 Thu 07-May-20 22:46:21

No. I keep all important info in my head and it's backed up on my phone. 😁