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Good Evening Friday

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Rufus2 Fri 08-May-20 14:58:45

I don't believe it! Got as far as Preview and wham! it all disappeared. I forgot my own words of wisdom by not starting in Word! Wasn't too much anyway! hmm
Good news! We can now see the end of the tunnel, unless there's a derailment; shackles are to be loosened gradually to mid July. Each State will do it its way, so I guess VIC will be last.
Doodle I find wine loosens my inhibitions; I think I stop at three; any more and they get out of control! hmm
Turning to another form of culture, this URL, from "The Oldie"mag. might be of interest to some; I had a quick squint and found some of its links didn't work, but give it a go!
Not much more interesting news, apart from the fact I managed to get my sheets washed and dried courtesy of a lot of sun and a brisk wind; just as well 'cos Sat. will be cold, wet and windy; same next week. Ideal lockdown weather. hmm
It's getting late, so I'll beat a retreat before this message does.
Good Health and have a good week-end!
wine wine wine I think that's three!? grin

Megs36 Fri 08-May-20 19:28:49

Cheers as usual Rufus, 🍷🍷.Not sure what this weekend will bring in the way of release, my husband is shielded so may not ‘get out’ straight away. My very good friend came round and sat in our garden for a while today, really nice , haven’t seen many people for weeks; we have had brilliant weather which has helped a lot, seems you in Oz have been having the same sunshine☀️☀️☀️☀️ VE day 75 today and I think quite a few celebrations despite lock ins and social distancing.
Take care.Keep well.