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flowers giant gladioli and oriental lillies harmful to pets?

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infoman Wed 20-May-20 05:31:18

Surprised to read that the two flowers mentioned above can be harmful to pets.
Not sure if the info is true,but just a note of caution with those who have cats and dogs as pets.

SueH49 Wed 20-May-20 05:36:50

Most if not all lillies can be harmful to pets, particularly the anthers I believe. They can cause kidney damage which is in many cases fatal. Had not heard about the gladioli though.

Loislovesstewie Wed 20-May-20 05:59:34

Lillies are poisonous ; cats die because they brush against the plant and then groom themselves thus ingesting the poison . Most bulbs are poisonous if eaten , some greedy dogs try that and oleanders and lily of the valley are also poisonous .

Davidhs Wed 20-May-20 08:18:35

There are many plants and weeds in your garden that are poisonous, they don’t usually cause a problem unless a pet or a child decides to eat them. All you can do is check up on any new plants and decide if there a risk.

ElaineI Wed 20-May-20 21:57:32

Our cat nearly died from lily poisoning. I was given a lovely big bunch of lilies a few years ago. Didn't know they were poisonous to cats (even the fumes). Were in the same room as the cat overnight. When we came down in the morning she was frothing at the mouth and gasping for breath. Was admitted to vet hospital for 2 days on a drip and medication and fortunately survived. Don't know about gladioli.